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Game #4 – August 2020

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We live in a questioning world so it’s hardly surprising that there are so many questions that are asked by people every day, week and month is it? This feature will ask you all sorts of questions – but will only ever ask you 12 questions per month. You can answer them in the comments section below or create a post on your own blog should you wish to – that’s your choice.

In many ways this feature will be a no holds barred styled questions arena – covering many topical areas, controversial, opinionated – taboo orientated and just general and light hearted – just questions about people and things from all walks of life!

Additionally should any of the readership wish to pose a question to be featured within 12 Bloggerz in the future episodes – please drop me an email to aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com

Cheers Rory

Your answers to these questions are down to your individual interpretation of each question.

As a society are we really that social anymore – like it used to be?
If only l was twenty years younger l would … ?
Is society ruder more now than it used to be back in the day?
Is our world hyperfocusing progression on the wrong things or in the wrong direction?
Do you think there is any truth what so ever to any current conspiracy theories?
Are you more confused about the shape of our world today more so than when younger?
Do we as a society simply have too many labels and too many label hunters?
Are you more or less family orientated?
Do you dress up ‘smart’ to go out or is your style more casual all day every day?
With the current ‘pandemic’ do you miss ‘Yesterday’s way of life or not?
What do you class as adventurous?
Are you more conventional brick and mortar shopper or online and Internet buyer styled?
So there we go folks – you are on your own with regards your answering below or in your own blog – looking forward to seeing your answers either way!
Thanks for reading

See you next month! – September 2020
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25 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz! August 2020

      1. Cool. I was gonna use that question about what you consider adventurous. You might already see where my mind was going, but I thought I would write about what I consider adventurous when it comes to sex.

        1. With 12 Bloggerz questions – those are not asked in any particular fashion – there is no one fixed style or interpretation each blogger responding can answer the way they see the questions reflectively.

          Some might see adventurous as holidaying or vacationing, others might see adrenaline or contact sports, others might see it as fetish or fantasy role playing or even sexuality and sensuality – the questions offer the reader a whole arena of possibility with regards answering 🙂

          1. The idea I had was this guy I dated for a couple of years….he had some pretty wild ideas. I lean towards being a vanilla baby myself. So one of the things he was into was outdoor sex and sex in public places. I was going to do a write up about that.

            1. Hey Jenna, ah an outdoorsy, l once had a girlfriend like that that loved to be spyed on during sex – it’s a fantasy for some, a fetish for others and a lifestyle for even more – many prefer to lack of adventure as far as sex is concerned. Skinny dipping is a form of outdoorsy behaviour and yet some primsters couldn’t tolerate that. You can answer how you wish, but you could tackle all questions in a seperate post and still keep them to your selected genre.

              1. I am going to confess, I prefer sex indoors, only because I like to be relaxed and feel safe, and it’s handy to be near a shower. But my boyfriend who liked outdoor sex, well, it was something he was into and I was meek little kitty. I let him do whatever he wanted to me.
                I wouldn’t mind skinny dipping in the right setting. Just would not want to shock anyone. Especially since coronavirus there are loads more people out in the woods and parks. Not as easy to be frisky outdoors.

  1. I will answer your questions soon in a post… I’m not sure if I wanna say enjoy or be scared lol 😘✌️

  2. I was adventurous if no one was looking. I don’t won’t to go back to pre lockdown times, just want us to move forward to a better world not desperately trying to put the old broken one back together. I like labels which say Free or Seconds….

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