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Plenty for 20! – 9

What else could go wrong?”

Introduction ….

You may not recall … but this time more or less to the day last year l was telling you in another series that l was busy with some online courses that l had bought and paid for to do with digital marketing and online coaching and mentoring for positivity. That l wanted to become an actual ‘life coach’. I was quite hyped about it as well ….. but you may also recall, that Suze had come back from holiday down under visiting her daughter and the grandchildren and she came back ill.

Time showed us in a matter of weeks that Suze wasn’t just unwell but dreadfully ill and became so threatened with this alien ailment that she was admitted to hospital and it all became so bad that she nearly died in hospital! It was somewhat fair at this point to say that with everything going on, my motivation levels started to drop quite significantly . It wasn’t just Suze that was ill, but so too was Scrappy – she had been diagnosed with Cancer of the bowel, and sadly she also suffered with chronic arthritis and worse than that K9 Dementia.

I kept my motivation as high as l could, it had been a troubled year anyway on account of l was still recovering with an injured shoulder.

My plans for studying to be an online life coach slammed to a full stop. I declared in October that the stress of everything in the household with Suze being ill and Scrappy’s health demise was too much to concentrate and l would return to my online confidence and digital courses in the New Year 2020.

In February of this year and after the terrible loss of Scrappy in January, l took on board another course in so far as an online digital publishing and marketing course with regards Amazon and Kindle for Suze and myself in an attempt to encourage and motivate her to not allow the mourning of Scrappy to take her down …… that started well. But Suze’s depression started to hit home and she was waning fast with the course and l continued for a while and low and behold … what then happened?

That’s right Global pandemic, Covid 19 and lockdown!! Suddenly we were living in a world of uncertainty … sheesh like had it NOT already been a hell of a period of time from August? What else could go wrong?

Stop it!! I can hear y’all laughing from over here in Kent! Who knew what would then unfold from April of this year ….

…….. okay all humour and human catastrophe aside the new world of today is that l now live by myself in Sandwich in Kent and Suze lives 6 miles away in a different house… l have decided to try and curb my use of the term ‘What else could go wrong?”

Anyway …….. P420 9 is a short episode – 10, 11 and 12 will be longer episodes and these are just to give you a run down of the newer series for this month, older series updates and series that will not be returning this year or maybe ever. But also it is to award you an update of my personal schedule and agenda for the remainder of this year too.

You’ll know l have just moved house – l was living ten miles away in Kingsdown. I was also managing to blog normally up until the end of June, but by July it became a little awkward to maintain and sustain regular routines such as writing my own content and keeping up with my readerships publishing on account of the garden being dug up and dug out and moved on and of course moving into two houses.

The months especially from mid May to end July exhausted me on various levels and so much so, that l fell behind on some of my own plans for the blog. Things became delayed …… but now l am starting to ease myself back into the groove.

August 2020

I have a few personal plans for myself this month … l wish to pick up where l left off in August of 2019 the online life coach confidence courses and also later on this month l will also be recommencing the digital publishing course – so these things require some of my time – both are business concepts and some of my readership especially on the Kindle marketing and publishing side of things know that l am eager to begin this again.

Lisa of Lismore Paper has been waiting for me to restart this as well as she will be involved in this concept with regards the designing of ‘covers’. So l am quite eager to start this again.

The life coaching confidence courses l am also eager to restart – whilst my confidence is quite high, even l need to at times take refresher courses believe it or not and use them as personal motivators. My confidence has taken a bit of a beating over the last few months.

In February l made a brief mention to the readership in the Plenty for 20’s that later this year l would also be reducing my 3/4 daily posts to 2/3 posts per day and maybe less. So if less it would be a morning post like The Hello and one feature post per day and if it was 3 posts per day there would be a Sundry game as well or something like that for fun.

What l did notice throughout this ‘moving house’ period, was that l was able to ‘let go’ of the addiction of blogging which is something l didn’t think l suffered badly from this year on account of the 3/4 daily posts as opposed to the 6+ and some daily of last year. Regular readers will know that 2019 really saw me cut down the publishing of my own content and reblogs and so l personally didn’t think l was ‘that addicted’, and l wasn’t BUT l was – l was addicted to schedule – l had to have posts at actual slots and was quite rigid with that belief.

What moving house taught me, was to let go of that rigidity and to not panic about NOT producing 3/4 posts per day and that it was perfectly okay to produce 3, or 2 or even just 1 post per day. I know a lot of you already know that ……… but you are not me and l am not you, so l had to learn it .. my way and l did. But because l was able to adopt that knowledge it meant that l knew exactly what l wanted to do with my life and my blog from the time that l moved into my house of now.

Time is really important to me — in some of the new series that start from this month you will see how important Time actually is to me and even though l am now more relaxed with the frequency of my posting scheduling TIME is still all imperative to my very essence.

From this month my daily publishing schedule will be ……..

The Daily Morning Post – The Hello which will be post dated to publish at 6.15am UK time every morning – that is a guaranteed post and l am currently winding down the Kick Start feature of Season 12 and pre – running the new season 13 feature A Jolly Good Morning. That post will always be present – the day it’s not live is either a missed post publish from WP or l died the previous day!

Now l plan to publish 2 posts daily with an occasional/regular 3rd post slot and an infrequent 4th post slot. You will have seen these icons at the bottom of posts before this P420 Episode. The second post of the day is to be posted between 2.15 – 2.55pm. 3rd’s and or 4th are at random times during the day although a 3rd is usually between 10.15 – 11.15pm.

Because of Time and the tightness of it with everything l have to do from this month – blog, personal and business wise and still working on the new house and the garden – l had to really work my Excel scheduler differently and so l decided to change everything completely.

The emphasis on writing my own content is aimed purely at being achieved Monday to Friday midday of each week and then from Friday afternoon to Sunday night – my newly introduced emphasis is dedicated to my readership. Regulars will know all too well that l have always struggled to read the content written and produced by my readership on a regular basis – l know we all struggle with that.

The only way l could combat it was to stop writing’. Before all the personal problems in the last few months arose l had managed to secure a good way of reading – but my stress and ‘things on the home front’ started to pressure that orderly behaviour and it wasn‘t long before l lost my direction again.

So l decided to only write for four and a half days and then dedicate 2 and a half days completely to my readership. This comes about as a Long Friday Night [you haven’t seen that introduce itself yet] and as The Weekend’s Here! It’s All Yours! During those 2 and a half days each week all l will really be doing is dedicated posts or reading blog content.

Also, something that is currently in pre-season is A Jolly Good Morning To You this is the New Season 13 feature where upon three readers are celebrated each day as opposed to the Reader Dedicated Days feature which will be returning next year. There are new ‘universal days’ being designed by Lisa and when the Season is in full swing you’ll see those in support.

The new Jolly feature was introduced from August 1st and will run to 31st October 2020 which is a total of 92 days. I wanted to celebrate my readership with this particular feature as a way of saying Thank you‘ for your support during the last few months. There is another feature attached to it which will be visible next week.

New Features this month to start properly will be:

Our first episodes began the weekend just gone with our star artist being Tom Petty the next Pump It Large will be on the 15/16th August and our guest star will be Prince.

Has started but will become a regular feature from this month.

Will start this month.

Will start this month.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is A-Guy-Called-Bloke-Banner-Morning-Musings-JPEG.jpg

Will become a regular feature again.

Will be recommencing this month.

Will be recommencing this month.

Will be recommencing this month.

So these features some of which are new will be starting for the first time or simply again and other known features will once more start to be seen with renewed regularity. From September which l will address in due course more new features will begin.

Anyway thanks for reading – catch you all in September!

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  1. Don’t even try to read everything I’ve written. I think you were still reading when Ben got sick, but if not… he’s better. I personally think it was THE kootie. Everything else is pretty much Casa Cuckoo “normal”. It’s like a Soap Opera… you can jump in anytime and follow along🤣🤣🤣
    I’ve still got my Zen😉🌊🦄

    1. Oh no no no 🙂

      I wasn’t going to try and read the series from my last point Grandma, l will pop by and read a few then l willl be able to catch up slowly.

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