Dear Blog – 11.55 – 03/08/20

Nothing Quite Beats A Little Grunting and Grinding …..

On a Sunday!

Yesterday l spent most of the day with Suze outback in her bushy grass where we grunted and grinded away in the sun with me mostly on my knees and keeping my dirty hands busy and Suze with her ass in the air! The weather was hot, hot and more hot and we were both wet and sticky whilst we sizzled!

I know what you are thinking and you would be right on the money!

Yes folks!! We were gardening!

Since officially moving in to her new house Suze has fallen way behind on managing to get her house tidy and her garden orderly. She has been tired with this throat lump thing [for those of you not in the know – she had to go to see the Doctors last Thursday] – so in addition to everything else worry wise going – Suze now has this hanging over her – for an examination – he sent her for tests and the dreaded C word has been mentioned and we both now await results from bloods taken last Friday – so as much humour as l may have used as an introduction – l am a little edgy like Suze is too.

My house is still disorderly – but having lived in a caravan for nearly four years l am used to different things – ‘My Liven Den’ is mostly fine, so l can cope with my temporary bubble – but with all the worries ongoing – Suze needs things done and l am willing to help her get those things sorted as quickly as possible to reduce her anxieties.

Suze picked me up at just before 11am yesterday morning and by 11am l was outside her house in Sholden [8 miles away from Sandwich]. After an hour or two inside the house just shifting things around physically we have now made it easier for her to sort out her kitchen, office and loungeroom and empty out the boxes that are still stacked there.

The garden, wasn’t a calamity but it hadn’t really changed that much since the 24th July when we moved a lot of the Hillyfields garden over to Suze’s new property. You may even remember this episode not that long back. 366 Days of Gardening! E43 – W29 Suze’s garden is mostly a blank canvas although l see it more as a challenge on account of the versatility it has.

Below Suze’s garden 24th July.

Below Suze’s garden 11am 02nd august.

One of the biggest problems with Suze’s house is that it is smaller than mine and smaller than our last rental and because of that she doesn’t have a lot of space to swing a cat – so she still has a lot of the boxes in stacks be these plastic or cardboard. We needed to create some space for her. The other thing is she has ordered an outside shed but it’s not here yet on account of lockdown and there being delays. So many of the boxes required for the shed content were inside her kitchen. She wanted to move them outside to alleviate space.

You can see above that many of the potted and container plants were more or less still in the same positions as they were on the 24th – my job was to create space and tidy it up to be more functionable and accessable. Suze had manage to shufftie about some of the bits but not all.

Suze’s garden 11am 02 August

Other areas for attention was around the water butt and the corners of the garden as well as down the bottom of her garden where much of the assorted and miscellaneous debris had collected. Soils needed to be sorted out, potted plants repotted or taken out, composts contained instead of sitting and sweating in bags [perhaps some don’t know but home grown compost if left in black bags for too long sweats like a human but twenty times worse and can make the content become quite rank]

I spent from 1pm to 7pm in the garden getting things right – allowing Suze time to chill a bit and taffy around with some things [to taffy is to pretty something up – it’s a candy term and means to make a sweet glossier] But l tend to use the term in connection to making things a bit more attractive – and in this case it was allowing Suze to construct the old greenhouse units to utilise for both outdoor plants and a temporary unit for house garden tools]

Getting the clear boxes out of Suze’s small kitchen was a huge headache shifted for her. They could be sat on trestles, stacked against the fence, covered in plastic sheet as an additional protection and a unit could be set up and sit between them to take on board the shed/garden tools. The bird bath could also be sat in the garden as more of an attraction to visiting birdlife.

The bottom of the garden was tidied up to become more organised, with more free space to walk besides especially to gain access to the bins. The bags of compost potting soil and mulch alike were emptied out of the bags and placed into compost bins . The water butt was brushed out and cleaned up and set up ready for drainpipe connection. They are not huge jobs, but they are helpful jobs to someone who is dog tired.

With the second constructed unit it meant that it could act as a garden caddy for the back of the garden near the kitchen against the wall to hold ornamentals and kitch herbs when the needs arose. It tidied up that corner very nicely indeed and shifted some of the smaller potted plants off the pathway lineup freeing up much needed space.

I spent a few hours tending to all the potted plants, seeding, weeding and kneading and threading out unwanted plants and growings. Then mulching and digging over where required to ensure all plants had a nice healthy boost. In the end the garden lawn was cleared – l also raked it to demoss it – [a big problem in her garden] and so all containers and pots had somewhere to live and were sited in a much easier shape for Suze to be able to water effectively.

It was a good days work and together we achieved much!

I reckon, all going well – we can have Suze’s garden ready to rock and roll for winter by around October. I’m off now, l have a potbound 15 year old hydrangea here at my new place that l need to dig out of a ceramic monster pot and then dig a hole and plant directly into the ground. Mm, this’ll be interesting!

 Thanks for reading folks – have yourselves a great day! I’ll catch up with y’all again soon!

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 11.55 – 03/08/20

  1. I hope that Suze feels better soon and the tests all come back fine, no dreaded C! I am having my Covid test today, an essential for traveling!

        1. Well excellent news just in as l was finalising the Random Quotes post – bloods have come back negative. Suze has an appointment with maxillofacial Consultant on Thursday so we can see then what the issue is hopefully.

  2. So happy to hear it’s all good! I honestly didn’t think it was the dreaded C. Our bodies do the weirdest things!!
    How’d the hydrangea go? Oh, you’ll post about it eventually…😉
    Get some rest, JB… before the grave😝🧸💌

    1. Well l may have got that wrong sadly.

      The bloods came back clear but with this appointment on Thursday we now have to go and see the consultant that works with diseases and cancer of the face, throat, nect and so on … have to see what he says.

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