Are you flirting with me?

Are you flirting with me …………

………….aka How Gritty or Pretty is your Flirty!

This morning whilst enjoying my morning brisker, l met a lady walking her dog on The Butts part of the Sandwich circular pathways [you’ll learn about them soon enough] and l shared a laugh and a joke with her about the irony of her dog sniffing a bush on The Butts! Now admittedly she was in her mid forties perhaps later forties, she was younger than me for sure.

[For the record, l did size up the situation first, l know at times l am and can be considered inappropriate – and that’s true – but l am not entirely mad! So if the situation looked wrong l wouldn’t say some things!!]

Her laughing quip back was ‘You’re pretty flirty on a gritty topic, aren’t you?’ She then bade me a lovely day, thanked me for making her smile and was on her way. I continued walking smiling and pleased that l had made another person smile – honestly l was thinking that! But, you know ….. it’s always nice to receive a compliment, no?

But her response made me think back to my younger days [mid 20’s to later 40’s] when l was described as an ‘”incorrigible flirt with the gift of friendly banter!” Equally the way she had answered was funny, a real play on words ‘ pretty and gritty’ are very similar sounding to ‘flirty’.

The exchange lasted less than a minute – but in that time, with a complete stranger wittingly or maybe even unwittingly l had flirted with someone of the opposite sex.

Now when younger, whilst l was described as an ‘”incorrigible flirt with the gift of friendly banter!” Truth be known … all l was being, was friendly – it just so happened that l always get along with women better’n men.

Only yesterday, Suze declared upon listening to me describing the last week, that l knew the names of five women in the town already and no men, what was that all about?

I did think about this ……….. “Well, Anne runs the antique upholstery business where l got the Abearable Bear’ from, Shirley runs the antique store where l bought some things from , Christine and Clare run the letting agency that l rent from and Sheralyn [Sherry] runs the quirky store in town – now sure l laugh and joke with them – but my way of finding information out from people is through friendly banter – l don’t know any way else of doing that?”

So in the process of just being me , l make someone smile and make their day who makes me smile and adds happiness to my day and l find out stuff and everyone is happy for it. It’s not like l am coercing anyone for data intelligence.

Suze tells me in a friendly manner that not everyone is like that and many would class it as flirtatious behaviour from me. Now admittedly l get a little confused with this terminology – because for me real flirtatious behaviour is very different ….

I mean if we look at what they define as flirting to start with …

Flirting is to behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions, also known as coquetry which is quite lovely all by itself as a word too isn’t it?

Anyway …….. to the questions at hand …

How gritty or pretty is your flirty [technique]?

How well or badly do you respond to flirtatious behaviour?

How flirty are you?

Let Me Know Below – Cheers Rory

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20 thoughts on “Are you flirting with me?

  1. I get accused of being flirty too. I like witty banter and will talk to men and women in the same manner. I can be a bit bawdy at times, but it’s the witty play on words I enjoy most.

    I’m like you in that I love to make people laugh and smile. I like making MYSELF laugh and smile.

    To me, flirting is more direct, more personal.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  2. How gritty or pretty is your flirty [technique]? I just follow along…
    How well or badly do you respond to flirtatious behaviour? I just follow along…
    How flirty are you? I just follow along….
    PS- I am certainly not a follower, but I never, ever show my true self first… it just wouldn’t be prudent…

  3. I don’t flirt, but I am friendly. I don’t think anyone can think of any of my remarks as flirting. Besides you have to have the intent to flirt!

    1. Hey Sadje, that’s not entirely true πŸ™‚

      Flirting is a healthy form of social communication that also boosts confidence, self esteem and positivity. Not all flirting leads people to the chambers of sexual desire. Many a time flirting gets bad rap – ‘oh no, you are flirting that is so bad, you only have one intention!’

      You see with me there is social and at times bawdy banter and then there is flirting or flirtatious behaviour.

      The reason there is such a bad name associated with flirting at times is because of the hidden agenda with some banteerers or flirters – and yet there is also a right and wrong way to flirt and the art is to work on your social flirting skills to increase your social confidence.

      Flirting is a great way to exercise self belief in your self but also make another increase their confidence and take them out of shyness. Good flirting or social bantering is an attractive way of making others have good feelings about themselves.

      A lot of social flirting takes place every day in WordPress unwittingly and wittingly and that is fact πŸ™‚

      I think l might pen a post n this subject somewhere in the future πŸ™‚

      1. I never thought of flirting in that light. I think you’re right that it increases self confidence. Thanks for broadening my knowledge.

  4. You sound much like my husband. He will make comments like that to make people smile or laugh but I think women sometimes perceive it as flirting.

  5. I am flirt stupid. I cannot flirt. I cannot tell if someone is flirting with me. So I just smile and continue being my talkative friendly cashier-self. πŸ™‚

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