Wherever I Hang My Hat ….

Wherever I Hang My Hat ….

A New Chapter Begins

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A dear of friend of mine asked of me the other day if l had made up my new bed yet? Had l slept in it? The answer is no different now to what it was when she asked me last week – no, not yet sadly. It’ll happen soon enough, but it is still in the master bedroom in the delivery components awaiting assembly. Most of the house is like that at present.

Hand over of the keys was last night to our old rental in Kingsdown, Hillyfields and thankfully that is now part of our past – it has a lot of memories secured to its foundations, good, bad, ugly, fugly and sad too. The last seven months especially have been seriously hard emotionally – with an emphasis on the months of May through to July physically with a mammoth breakdown of the garden and distribution to Suze’s place in Sholden and mine here in Sandwich.

Suze’s house is still in a constant state of disarray and hopefully between her and myself and her friends we can sort that out this coming month – so she can start to relax. Suze regards her house currently as purely a shell [mostly on account of it being disorganised] and yet l seemingly have found home again.

It’s been many years and by this l mean many many years since l have lived in a house that l felt needed me as much l needed it – we seem to have accepted each other very nicely and for the first time since leaving my last home – which was my first ever home in this country – that of my parent’s house, my home when l was growing up – 1977 – 1984 – l have felt it is time to literally place the symbolicness of a ‘Hat on a Hook’ – not just any hat, but a homely hat. Do l have that hat yet?

No, but Sandwich and l seem to have some history together before the the 90’s when l was here last providing exotic species to what was at that point The Rare Breed Centre – no l am talking of a history of long ago. As l walk through the streets of Sandwich the feelings of déjà vu are intensely overwhelming – we have been together before now. Back in the later 90’s early millenium years l never walked through Sandwich and even when l lived in Kent in the later 80’s early 90’s, l drove through it but never stopped and so l never had the opportunity to set foot and feet to the roads for had l done so even back then in my younger days l would have felt the pure magnetism of the town in my very essence.

It’s stranger when l walk through streets now that l have not ever walked in before and yet l am never lost and over time and the new series l talked of the other day ‘Walks in Time’, you shall come to understand how very much like a rabbit warren Sandwich is with its streets and so then you will understand my comment of not feeling lost in a town that could make you lost without even trying!

However, l am now on the lookout for the right hat for my new home!

Despite only being here for a short while, l am at peace here – l feel very relaxed and it is an accomodating house and why should it not be? It is a home already and the energy of the house, it’s pulse and its soul – and only a few will understand that – speaks to me and explains to me what it wants and needs. Like all houses that want to be homes – it wants to feel loved.

So for the next few months l wil, start to dress the house for its needs and my desires – and l will learn again what it is like to live in a home over that of just a house and over that of just another rental but for the time being ….

…. welcome to The Willows – the official name of the house – although l shall simply call her ‘Willow’ – and this is where l am at with moving in and settling in – still a long way to go … Each area of Willow has a theme or will have. My home will become a reflection of my inner mind and blog and business. I am not a very social person – l am not a hermit, but l am very selective who visits and so my house is geared towards that. Over the course of the series you’ll see Willow change.

The Living DenA mixture of office and living space.
Willows DomainThe Entrance to and up into the house.
Lower Shower RoomUpper Bathroom
Guest Bedroom – Currently Unnamed

This is where l am currently sleeping.

Master BedroomCurrently unnamed.
Spare overspill room for Suze’s property and mine.
Kitchen – to – Inner PatioCurrently Unnamed
Inner Patio – to – Outer PatioCurrently Unnamed

So there we go – early days – but hey! As l love to say “Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was l!

Thanks for reading, catch you soon!

31 thoughts on “Wherever I Hang My Hat ….

      1. I’m also intrigued by your reaction to your new home, my state of mind is the same as the song – wherever I hang my hat is my home – wasn’t always that way but it is now and has been for a long time. I’m always ready and eager to move on. I’ve been living in the same place now for 8 years! Way to olong, so past time to move on – pack a few things, the cat and just go!

        1. I think for me … l have had enough of constantly moving around – although when l say this l mean in so far as a continuous flow of house moving. When l was in my 20’s and 30’s l was moving around all the time with my career.

          As l have gotten older, l am tiring of that.

          1. And when was young I craved stability then when I was in my late 30’s I started moving on, often – I’m 74 soon and the moving on has become who I am…and I miss that ‘am’ – itchy feet, itchy mind, time is running out, gotta move on.

            1. The thing is Grace, l can relate to that sensation all too well – l think now however l – need a base to stance myself within – then l can adventure again 🙂

  1. I like your home Rory. It’s got a good calming vibe to it. You’ll enjoy naming it and dressing it.

  2. Wicked cute!! I think you gonna be happy there.

    And ya know I have to say, even with your hurt or pain, you are quite strong and quite the gentleman to not take vengeance on her … instead you show kindness and care. That kinda strikes me ✌️

  3. Love the new digs. I like to be rooted. I never liked the vagabond lifestyle much. I love the Marvin Gaye tune — one of my ‘way back’ favorites.

  4. Nice remake! Willow… perfect! Dreamy, fluttery, shady… beautiful! I knew you’d “see” in town. I can’t wait to read the posts when they come. Very exciting!

    In the past 30 years, I’ve lived in 3 places… the “family home”, an apartment for 1 year, and the house we’re renting now. We’ve been here 10 years and a few months. It’s home, because we made it home. The apartment was not a home, it was always a temporary place.

    I’m glad you’ve found home. You need a fedora, yes… I see you in a charcoal grey fedora with a bright band… emerald? sapphire? amber? amethyst?? Jewel toned…

    Be careful on those stairs… they’re steep. I can picture myself slipping and bumping my bum all the way to the bottom🙄🤪🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂🧸💌

    1. A Fedora, that is so strange – l have three hats in my mind’s eye.


      Three hats l have worn over the years with passion 🙂

  5. First, I love the house needing to be a home. I so get that. Second it looks like lots of space to turn into who you are. Third, take your time and enjoy the process as well as the product. Last, in my humble opinion, a fedora for sure. LOL

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