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E45 – W31

Introduction …

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It’s been a hard year in garden terms … it’s been a hard year in life terms, a harder year emotionally – it’s just been hard this year and yet here we are today ONLY on the last day of July, the 7th month! How is it possible? No, not that seven months has already passed – BUT – more importantly that the year has already been so seriously hard and damning already?

Well at a guess, and l am going out on a limb here …. but the pandemic has been a real downer! Have you felt that folks? I have … l am not going to harp on about other things – l will talk about those in other ways soon and in other series – but in so far as gardening – the year has been really hard!

I planned the 366 Garden or Project Garden last August 2019, and l worked at everything l could meticulously to make sure everything ran to plan ………… however guess what? Yeah, okay – well apart from ‘shit happens’ and other mythical quotes by Socrates – life happens, things change, environments change, seasons and nature are unpredictable – carefully laid plans can fall to the wayside!

Harvest wise, the year wasn’t that bad – but it wasn’t brilliant – and of course stating the obvious – not many gardens are having to be completely dug up, dug out and moved and transported to different locations at the height of their season! But that is what happened to the Hillyfields Garden sadly – it had to move.

Transporting the garden out took two weeks, breaking it down with a view to returning it to how it was back in 2016 [requested by the ex-landlord] took me mostly 9 weeks. 9 hard and laborious weeks in mostly heated weather condtions. I lost weight with this move at just over a stone.

Anyway the purpose of this particular post was to display to the readers how l first saw the garden at key collection and contract start in July 2016 and how we left the garden 30th July 2020.

Garden 28th July 2020

The garden we left had workable soils, plants that were now growing, no pot bound plants, no dead or dying plants and l had worked more space into the back garden, tidied up the shed to make it viable as a workshop. It’s now a totally tidy garden that can be moved into with very little gardening work to repair and or recover unlike the garden we took on board 4 years ago – which had dead soils, dead space, pot bound plants, dying plants and was generally in need of urgent TLC and major recovery repair work.

Not everything could be saved over the years as the damage was too great in 2016 – but many pot bounds that you will see below in the early images are now very tall and fully flourishing plants. The garden we leave is a wildlife garden as opposed to a look good at first glance only garden. The garden now has visitng wildlife whereas previously wildlife didn’t bother with it. I hope the new buyer is a gardener that appreciates what they have now.

Garden 12th July 2016

The 2016 garden was a gardener’s nightmare – l remember Suze looking filled with despair over the garden as l walked and took the photographs – l kept saying it was a challenge – and we weren’t proved wrong – it was. But we built and rebuilt it and repaired and recovered it and made it good again. But it was a big garden and as much as l loved it then, l don’t miss it now.

Anyway folks, this is the last episode of Project Garden – 366 Days. A new series will start this month called .. The Dug Out’s Secret Garden! I’ll see you then – my sincere thanks for taking the time to follow this journey and look forwards to seeing you on the next!

Rory Matier

12 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E45 – W31

  1. You’ve left the old place meticulously clean and organized. What a change from when you got it.

  2. I hope the new owners appreciate the flora and fauna! And I hope the Percys are well.

    Thank goodness it’s over now. Now, onward to the Secret Garden and new flora and fauna!🎶💃🏼🌻🐞🐦🕊🐾🐸🐛🦋🐝🌹🌱🐿

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