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Series 1 – Episode 13

The list of fetishes aka paraphilia is actually larger than the current number of known sexual positions!
The majority of penises ‘irrelevant’ to what some might suggest as otherwise are the same size when ‘up there in the clouds!’ The one that got away was this big – still applies to fishing only!
Up to 0.7% of people could potentially die during sexual activity ……..erm and jogging and or jogging during sex! Those sudden bursts of intensity between the sheets or anywhere else could induce a heart attack or a brain explosion!
One in ten dreams can contain fruity content – for men and women ……
Leaving your socks on during sex may actually increase your chances of orgasm which is kind of fitting when you consider that some people say that when they achieved orgasm it blew their socks off!!

Sometimes you need just a little bit of ooh lala!

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Catch you next time, thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Didja Kno

  1. But what a way to go right? I’d feel bad for the partner though … that would be awful on the other side 😮

    Wait what??? Same size ? Ummm ?? I dunno… don’t know if that one is right?

    And socks 🧦… not in 100 degree heat lol … winter maybe lol

    1. The ‘average’ or majority penis size is apparently 6-7″ although girths can vary, lengths can vary – but as they say , size and width are not the most important things – what one does with said penis and how they use said penis is the important issue or is that tissue ha ha 🙂

      1. Ah ok… yeah cause none of us have the same with anything. Definitely how you work with what you got! 😊

  2. Oh yeah and fruity dreams? Umm I’m usually exhausted when my head hits that pillow… and if not, I have a million other thoughts

        1. A lot of people don’t remember their dreams in truth – you can tap into your memory to retrieve them – but only if you had them to start with.

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