Dear Blog – 14.25 – 30/07/20

Adventuring Through Music and Numbers!

Life! It’s all about adaption and adoption!

The Music ….

Everyone has commented in the last few weeks “Rory – the time of adventures is ahead of you now!” This is so very true of course and as l wrote to a friend of mine this morning alone – ‘whenever, whatever, whoever and in many respects whichever adventuring’ needs to be performed in a fitter state of physicality. I need to work on myself more – improve my wellbeing and mindfulness. I have had a lot going on inside my mentality in recent months that needs sorting out, cleaning up, dusting , archiving and in some cases simply destroying and throwing out as unwanted cluttersomes.

I am tired, somewhat stressed still, and l need to reidentify with me again and life and single life especially again. You live as a couple and your life by choice is compromised, your space divided, your identity is NOT altered directly nor deliberately and yet it is isn’t it? Your single person’s identity is removed and replaced by an US Identity – Couples.

Starting from today, l decided that there are lots of i’s that need dotting and t’s that need crossing and l need to really advance with the new me – start as you mean to go on again syndrome. Over the next few weeks you’ll see a mini-series on my identity and the struggles of understanding me again. I have come to recently accept that l am not relationship material as in live in together, although l might do better at distance relationships – l don’t know – perhaps FWB’s is the best l can manage and want or just lead the life as a free and easy singleton. I don’t know – because l have never before been me in 2020 as l am now – so who knows what the future holds?

I know l am not worried by it all, l don’t dislike my own company – am happy to do things by myself when l must, live the life l want to live – l don’t personally buy into the whole loneliness thing – but l have lots of plans for this year and next – business plans and new ideas, blog ideas, series and new features, explorations and discoveries – basically folks – adventures!

I made a promise to friends of mine – and by this l refer to My Pack – Scrappy, Dora and Jake and Ava and the Planty Gang and Henry and Mickey and the Bear Clan that in the new place we would listen to music again when the dusts were starting to settle and Dad would get his health back! That started today – the music is above, the health well – that’s a series of numbers like life!

The Numbers

I retired to bed last night closer to 1am, l am trying to bring my sleeping routine back to midnight, but with all the adrenaline rushes in recent weeks l have been keeping later hours – 1’s and 2’s – and getting up between 6’s and 8’s. However l changed my alarm last night to a realistic timing 7am!

So l was up at 7am and showered by 7.15am and after addressing a few issues in blog and before any liquid intake – l was out the door at 7.49am and started my new “Lose Furry Tummy Campaign!” walking for a better me! I was back in the house by 8.14am – so 25 minutes brisk walking around the inner town trail – no camera – just brisk walking to get the heart going. I will do that five times a week from this point on and become something l hate at times ‘an all weather walker!’ I am not overweight, but l need to define my stomach – apparently at my age and physicality – jogging is silly, plus a nickname l have acquired this year is No Knees Rory counts jogging out due to impact.

I am not some fanatic with regards sports – l am never going to become a Yogi although l am quite a fan of watching it – especially the ladies – nor am l a Nordic walker – but l will walk and will even Hike. Gardening is now greatly reduced in so far as work out – but l have enough here for upper body workout with the worm farm and the potting soil cubicle.

I have had some stomach disorders of late which is my own fault on account of eating Take Out over cooking properly and oooooooooh noooo drinking Fizzy drinks – got to knock that on the head! Take Out like a Doner Kebab, Indian and Fish and Chips don’t help – but they were food refuelers for energy, but l will restrict that habit to once maybe twice a week from now on. It hadn’t become daily, but if it wasn’t take out, it was nothing, so balance is the key to everything!

So the walk l took this morning was the faster version of the Musing l took yesterday that lasted 95 minutes and the speedy version is 25 minutes and 3033 steps with the FitBit [yep that’s back in use for my morning walks] and takes me from the house to the bottom of my street turning left and walking up Strand Street for 7 minutes to join The Butts which then joins The Ropewalk which takes 11 minutes and then walk to The Mill Wall and The Bulwark through the Quay and back into Strand Street and home again which then takes a further 7 minutes. On map 2 the route was ‘yellow, green and orange’.

But that walk set me up for the day and here l am writing and now finishing this 14.25pm post at 11am having started an hour ago. I am now going to be busy with some tidy up, have to go to the shops for a mooch for some smaller furniture pieces, then a small amount of gardening, some writing and then checking out of the old property – thank goodness!

The adventuring started – so thanks for reading folks – have yourselves a great day!

15 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.25 – 30/07/20

  1. Good luck w the fitness plan! I need to do that…

    I also went through the process of accepting being single, thinking maybe I’d do better with a FWB situation, then “romantic penpals”… until finally I decided BLEH! Don’t need any of it 😻

  2. I can tell you from experience that a FWB relationship can be perfect. IF you can find the right person. Trust & communication are a big deal or deal breaker. My last “friend” moved away. Life is too busy for that to be a priority for me right now, but…🤷🏼‍♀️ We never know what’s around the bend til we get there.😉

    Enjoy your Rory time! I really am excited for you! I see SOOO much good in your future!💃🏼🎶💫🌊🦄🧸💌

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