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Season 3 – Summer 2020
Series 3 – “Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again
Wednesday 29th July 2020 – Walk Time 95 Mins
“A Tree Day Needed”

Ava, next to the two Peppers Betty and Beatrice in her new location near the garden, but inside the house. That area is still to be dressed. but it will be a outdoorsy indoorsy patio area of vibrant colour so l do hope she and they’ll be happy, especially once the house starts to take on its new life to become a vibrantly coloured home, my home, their home, our home.

She arrived here last night on what l believed to be the very last run from Hillyfields to both Sholden and Sandwich, alas there is still one run left and that is my outside table to complete the patio ensemble, which will make more sense when you see it over the next few weeks and months begin to ‘be’. Ava, is currently sitting in a miniature tree container – and currently she herself is over 5 feet in height. She received a root ball wash last night and new soils and a new longer cane support and later on today she will receive more top up refresher soils and worm castings and an additional support cane to prevent her from leaning like the Tower of Pisa!

This last week, l have been going through many different emotions from anger to upset to everything inbetween like hurt and confusions with regards my friendship/relationship with Suze. It’s not helped either of us that we are absolutely shattered – physically, mentally, emotionally and personally. In the last week alone my temper fuse, normally quite placid and long has been extremely short and my stresses and angers have been high and at times uncontrollable!

So today, l simply needed a long walk, a longer relaxing Musing than even normal long Musings – it’s a beautifully sunny day and the weather is already warm – just as well – l have a lot to do today after this post – gardening, hoovering and general house tidying and unpacking.

The walk this morning was also a different walk of sorts and one that l briefly discussed the creation of with Omatra7 of Learning Life last week in the first episode of series 3 Morning Musings and l shall write about it properly in the next couple of days. I have created a couple of new series – one a new feature and the other a sub feature to support Morning Musings.

The first is the sub feature of Morning Musings – and designed for Late Autumn/Winter/Early Spring whereas ideally, Morning Musings is very much a Spring/Summer/Early Autumn series, the new Afternoon Strollings and Pootlings will begin in October l should imagine as the days grow shorter and the mornings become darker – so my walks start later.

The second series is a main feature and it will be about the Historical side to Sandwich and surrounding areas – the posts will be walks, strollings, musings and hikes and the first pilot episode l hope to write up in the next couple of days for you. This morning’s Musing was the test run of what l believe is called the Old Wall Circular/Nature Trail of which l think l only walked in part – you can see my walk below on the maps. The second series will be called “Walks in Time”

It was a great stroll on a sunny day and took me from my street to the waterway and then down to the river Stour, through the centre of town and back on the ‘Old Wall Circular’ itself.

The images throughout this post are just glimpses of the walk.

This mornings walk was well received – l needed the downtime from the madness of the last seven months – l needed the adventure of something new and of course from this point onwards it’s all about new adventures as well.

Before l end this post, l just wanted to say to my readership – Thank You 🙂 I haven’t for the last month been able to read any of your posts with any kind of regularity, l haven’t had the cognitive tunings to stay focused on any other writings – l haven’t been able to read any books or magazines because my stress has been so unbelievably high. It has been a struggle especially in the last nearly three weeks just to write on a fairly regular basis – but my blog and the community helped me stay concentrated and connected..

I am grateful to my close friends here for their support in blog and off and their encouragement and kind words. But equally l am thankful to you all for your support – it has been received with graciousness. From next month – my blog reading habits will start to resume again, although my writing habits will be different but that’s reserved for another post.

Till then – folks – you are all amazing as a community – and l am truly glad to be part of your fold and tribe.

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26 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Love the new graphics! and oh my you do live in gorgeous places, don’t you? as for that list of emotions – all reasonable and to be expected, including short fused tempers. I’d be worried if you didn’t cycle through all of those (and back again). Time for rest, relaxation and contemplation…{{Huggiez}}

  2. Your new surroundings are serene and beautiful. Hope you get to enjoy more relaxing walks here. To new adventures and new beginnings.

  3. I was wondering who these names were? I thought maybe pets? I never have thought to name plants

    But I am not good with plants. I am horrible at gardening … you know your strengths and weaknesses … plants are one of my weaknesses lol … I try but I can’t name them.

    I am disappointed when can’t do it … if I named them I would be crushed lol ✌️

    Your area is so gorgeous! It’s sooo right out of a storybook ❤️ nice choice!!

    I know it’s hard because things are different now. And it was sudden… plus up against the changes with all this virus stuff 😑

    I have have a very hard take on things … I do not want anyone who does not truly want to be there.

    You have a fun, bright personality. You’ll do fine. You will be happy just watch.

    Don’t get too sucked into being on your own- make sure you discover you. Have a relationship with your own self. It will heal you. You be stronger 💪

    What is meant for you will happen, just know yourself and don’t forget to actually take in and enjoy life.

    Your happiness is not dependent on someone else.. you are your own happiness – create that!

    You can now create anything you want!!

    So looking forward to your new posts / that’s gonna be amazing!! Yay!! 👏👏👏

    1. Hey Trisha, l have always named plants of significance 🙂 Ava the Avocado has been with me since avo seed in 2016 March she is now well over 4 years of age 🙂

      I am not worried about being by myself, l love my own company – in many respects that was one of the issues that Suze had a problem with and the reason it’s a bone of contention with me – is where the complexity lies – l did write about it briefly last week and made reference l would write about it in the future probably next month – because also it ties in with questions you asked of my mother that l never answered – but mainly because l was still thinking about it.

      It’ll be good to be by myself again in my current status, it’s not something l have had since 1992 🙂

      1. Good I’m glad you doing ok. Thinking is good with whatever you decide.

        I have tried that avocado 🥑 seed growing …

        So far I can keep an aloe plant alive so I have aloe lol which I am allergic to lol … but I can do that one lol

        1. Hahaha yeah go figure … I burn but I can’t have that lol

          But so far – I have kept it alive since February! 👏

  4. So glad you took time for a walk! Just what Dr Gramma would order😉
    Take your time with getting settled… ease into it… see what feels right. It’s time for you to put Rory first. PAST time, imo.

    1. There is currently a medical scare with Suze. She has had a what we thought was a swollen gland on her neck. Doctor’s appointment has her in for tests asap as there is a lump at the base of her throat. Hopefully it’s just an infection and not a potential C issue.

      1. Could be lots if benign things. Hopefully it’s just a cyst or a nodule. My mother had a thing on her thyroid. Simple outpatient procedure. Sending healing thoughts and hugs!🌊🦄💫🧸💌💌

        1. Yes, very much so. Going for a walk this morning, part of a new healthy start for me. The inner town walk, should be twenty – thirty minutes each day probably the former but at brisk pace 🙂

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