Wake Me Up Nice And Easy OR …?

Wake Me Up Nice And Easy OR …?

How do you like to wake up in the morning and what do you like to do first?

So, do you wake up to music, to birdsong, to quiet, to the alarm clock, to colour, to other … [mawahahaha] and then once you’re up – what are the first things you do [skip the bio requirements we all do that – l don’t need to read that you do your morning wees!] – but what are the first things YOU DO DO to wake up properly – that’s what l would like to know please?

Do you have any morning routines or rituals?

Currently l wake up to an alarm clock at 6.35am … in the future l am planning to wake up to preset music – and at that point presently as in now, l tend to not actually get out bed until 30 minutes later on account of being so dreadfully knackered in the mornings. I am awake at that point however – just lying there recovering and wishing that l was finally moved, but l check my iPad to make sure the first post of the day at 06.25am The Hello postdated from the previous night has gone out …. sometimes it hasn’t like this morning!!

Ay WordPress what is that all about then??

Then l check the day itself to see if it’s grey or sunny, then a shower and a shave, then my first coffee of the day, then the computer’s are switched on. Next month as l begin to settle down into my new digs, my morning routine will change slightly …. but that’s just me, what about you?

Let Me Know Below – Cheers Rory

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29 thoughts on “Wake Me Up Nice And Easy OR …?

  1. I wake up to an alarm clock which is a birdsong at 5:45 amπŸ˜† then I work out for a half an hour to get my booty moving and to fill my soul with serotonin that brightens my mood 😁, then I shower, have my breakfast and off to work I go ☺️

  2. I wake up to my alarm! I usually check on my phone app hope long I slept and then on to the days business. After breakfast , the first priority is walk as the days get hotter and hotter with sun.

  3. I used to wake up to the screaming of my Mom, then my girl friend and now to my daughter! They work better than alarms to me. Otherwise, I just peacefully sleep πŸ˜‰

  4. Sleep and I are not friends. I wake up with no alarm, (Thank you retirement) I wake between 4 AM and 6:30 typically. I take my morning meds, brush my teeth, and calm my dog down as she gets hyper once I am vertical. I open the front drapes to let in the beautiful sunshine. I go outside and play fetch with Annie. I water the planters, work in my garden, and swing with the dog for awhile. Then I decide if I feel like doing anything. I am so a morning person.

  5. I, too, am retired so I have the advantage of waking at my leisure. More often than not, the sun beaming through my windows wakes me (and occasionally on a clear night, the moon does the same although at a less than opportune time). Sometimes, I wake to a call from my daughter who calls me every morning on her drive to work.

    I get up, drink water, then make coffee and settle into my morning routine of writing and reading blogs. The morning hours are a stretched out transition into the day.

    WordPress has been an island of loveliness in a vast sea of unpredictability. A godsend to me during these days of total self-care. I steer away from things that agitate my spirit.

    Thank you for asking! Have a great day!

  6. If I work, I wake to alarm 🚨… I use the nuclear one lol πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ set several times (like a million) 😘 just to make sure I get up – I sometimes do autopilot β€œin my sleep” shut off – so that prevents it.

    I like to not be rushed – cause when rushed I forget everything!!

    I like to have a quick cup of coffee and wake up. Then I get ready.

    On day off… I don’t set an alarm – but end up waking up at same time anyway… but on days I work … I can’t get that to coincide lol … I want to sleep when I have to work! Lol – that’s annoying

    But I have my coffee, clean house … and then whatever else I have to do, or can do.

    If you are the one waking me up … be nice … if you scare me up, or be mean… maybe run. πŸ˜„βœŒοΈI will have attitude lol

    But if I am waked softly or enticed then no worries – I’m up lol

    I am kinda zombie without coffee so if you wake me with that – I be happy all day!!

    Bacon works too lol πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ

      1. Or spark my interest, catch my attention lol

        Usually only coffee. Not a big breakfast person. But bacon would also work with waking up, just sayin lol

  7. When I go to bed, I leave the blinds wide open where I sleep. The sun wakes me up. It’s easy and peaceful that way. Sometimes of course a dog with an urgent need will wake me up earlier, and I’d far rather be woken than find a surprise present later!
    How do you like to wake up in the morning and what do you like to do first? I let the boys out for their morning constitutionals, and I go take care of my own constitutional. That’s the very first thing. Old bladders don’t play. (I know you said not to describe our morning wees, but it’s the first thing out of the way!)
    Do you have any morning routines or rituals? When it’s nice weather like now, I feed the boys (they get breakfast first after they are done outside), I take my mug of ice water, I open the screen onto my back porch and fling wide the doors. I take my tablet and water and go to the couch and watch the sun come up. I listen to the birds chatting, and hear the sounds of farm life coming alive around me (that rooster crowing for one, but I’ll hear horses whinnying and cows lowing and it’s just lovely. If I’m fortunate, no early bird trucker comes to shatter the peace of all that.

    In the day it used to be rather dangerous to wake me up suddenly. Hubby said he was lucky not ‘to draw back a stump’ because I was grumpy and vicious….I treasure my shut-eye – always have. A side effect of my life long insomnia. These days, with no stress about when I HAVE to get up, I’m a lot mellower. I think…. πŸ˜†

  8. One must actually SLEEP before they can wake upπŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    There are ways I’d like to spend my “just waking up” time… I don’t see that in my near future thoughπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  9. No alarm clock for me. I seem to naturally wake up early or the pups help me with that πŸ™ƒ. Once I get them settled I like to write in the kitchen with light classical music to clear my thoughts. 😊

    1. Hey Gary, l have just checked all the links they seem to be ok. Yesterday’s had been pulled by the Video supplier but l am not sure why this is proving difficult πŸ™

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