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E44 – W30

Introduction …

Yawning yet again as l write this post this morning! I have been yawning a lot for the last few days – through a mixture of tiredness and boredom in some respects. The breakdown of the last rental is draining, straining and spraining. I don’t recall a July as a month ever being this long before?! Is it because it is a Leap Year that each month seemingly drags on forever? That’s NOT a question requiring an answer – it’s just a quizzical l am asking myself because Time appears to be getting longer!

Of course Time isn’t getting longer, but l am just getting tireder and tireder and l have to keep pulling energy from my reserves. Suze is tired also and of course her reserves are not as deep as mine as she is still recovering from being ill last year. That was confirmed just before lockdown in the UK in March that her recovery could take her a couple of years and then STILL she would never have the same strength or stamina she once had because her inner physical integrity had been compromised by the diseased deficiencies.

I thought yesterday the garden would be finished ……… or rather l had hoped, we both had – but it wasn’t. It was a busy busy day – l was relatively energised yesterday morning at 11am, but by 6pm last night l was shattered physically and mentally. Yesterday a lot was achieved and l received answers to the questions l had and wrote about in this post Dear Blog – 21.45 – 25/07/20 so that was really good news.

I will write about the conversation Suze and l had yesterday next month, because to display the answers to my questions l had to her – isn’t straight forward sadly. It was a welcome relief to finally receive the answers – but l had to really push Suze who hadn’t told me the truth’ per se – because she didn’t want to upset me – understandable considering the complexity and complications of the topic l will discuss next month.

But it’s an autism, autistic and Asperger’s issue that not many will instantly understand and even those with autism in their lives might not understand it due to the hotly debated ins and outs of it all. It’ wasn’t a bash at autism either – it was an observation of traits and attributes that form my very core. That formulate the very essence of those who have autism, who have Asperger’s and those who have relationships with us. Not so much family but partnerships, marriages, relationships, sexual connections and so on … but it isn’t an easy post to write. Hence next month a potential mini series exploring me again will tackle it.

But it made the friendship of Suze and l instantly strong again

Anyway ………….. the Hillyfields Garden progression will be officially finalised later on today. I did a lot of work yesterday and things are starting to really shape up now, but l will conclude this post tomorrow so l can close the garden gate on the 366 series.

Inbetween gardens – either Suze’s or Hillyfields – l have been working in my own too. I have lots of projects coming up – like the bench is a bit weak l have found so needs repairing.

I am very eager to walk away from the last rental for so many reasons, gardening, house and life to a certain degree. As many have commented and l am not oblivious – l have new adventures l want to explore here – l have a new garden here and a new series to support it and l also have a new expression of identity series for this new house that l have been working on.

There are lots of things that are still in boxes that have been put to one side awaiting assembly – but they couldn’t be made up until the very last of the garden arrived from Hillyfields in Kingsdown to here in Sandwich as it has to be walked through the house and that can scuff things and so on.

But there are lots of things l want to do, need to do and catch up with.


The greenhouse all cleaned up and the last few bits ready to leave tonight – the table stays. Ava has done very well this year considering the blight is starting to creep back. But l have a much larger pot here in Sandwich for her and l will give her another root ball wash like l did last September and transfer her to the ‘tree’ container. She’ll be kept in for the winter and next summer will live outdoors in the garden and then come back in for the winter but once she is here, she’ll be enjoying the companionship of my pepper plants which will be overwintering here also.

Shed all cleared out only the chipper awaits collection tonight.

Clearing out the shed yesterday.

Yesterday l managed to empty off the shed, clean out the greenhouse, tidy up the garden and prepare a heavy load for Suze’s garden and a storage load for Suze’s shed to be stored here. Sam and l moved the two remaining Runner Beans to his as well.

Sam had the runner beans which were moved with their complete soils as well – but he now has them by the side of his house, excellent sun and support climbing and protection from the wind too.

There is not much left to move to Suze’s garden now – a few plants, some boxes and a bird bath mostly. I have the woodchipper, Ava and a Pepper, some soils and a few other bits.

Some soils and a bird bath ….. the last few traces of the old garden to move.

Anyway tomorrow’s 366 Days post will be the very last in this series – it will be a comparison post from the 2016 July garden we took on to the 2020 July garden we leave. Thanks for reading today folks – catch you tomorrow in the very last episode.

10 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E44 – W30

  1. Ava really looks great! Time I guess will help both of you understand these decisions! In the meantime, get ready for a new adventure 😉

  2. I am glad you now have a better understanding of why things are happening. That seems like a good accomplishment and like it will make things easier going forward. I hope you find or make some time to rest – physically and mentally.

  3. I’m glad you got some answers, if if they were hard. The full truth is easier to process, even if initially painful.

    I’m so glad everything is almost done and you’ll be able to really sit still and collect yourself and FEEL the house and garden around you. And rest… even keeping busy, you’ll be more rested with that house hanging like the Sword Of Damocles.

    1. It’s not done yet sadly, another bloody day and then the garden will be done.

      I got answers – but l have to process them – yes l am happy l got them – but l should n’t have had to push to get the truth – not after 7 and a half years, five of which are living together.

      They are not great answers but if l wrote about the conversation today in a post my anger would shine through whereas if l write in a month’s time – l will have processed everything properly – but l am angry, hurt, disappointed, insulted and upset – and yet pleased l have the answers.

      Sure, Suze and l will be ‘stronger’ friends but l’ll not have a relationship again only a friendship. My Mr Cynical is back .

        1. Aye, we’ll enjoy a smoke as it used to be Angie soon enough, l am exhausted most days now but when l can close this house down, l can start to repair and recover and rest and then l will have my writing energies back 🙂

          Thank you 🙂

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