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E43 – W29

Introduction …

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This Sunday will be the very last major garden transport, it will be the very last gardening episode in this series, whilst this is the second to last episode. The series was supposed to run for a full 52 weeks, by the time we finish and with the last post out next week it will close on 30 weeks. In August a new series will begin The Dug Out’s Secret Garden!

This series will not be a full on replacement of the 366 Garden series due to the garden being very different to the Hillyfields Garden. The garden here is a courtyard garden, a walled in garden, a very typical garden considering the nature of Sandwich itself especially for terraced houses like the one l currently rent.

The Dug Out Garden will grow some vegetables next year, mostly herbs and some flowers and fruits. It will and does boast a working worm farm, a mini hot composter, a full composting system albeit much smaller than before and works with the bokashi composting method as well and is principally a container garden, but does have shrubbery and l have two raised beds here too. It is to be brought into life as a true wildlife garden and adopting some conservation practices for courtyard gardens.

The courtyard garden l took on wasn’t unloved, but hadn’t been that well managed and had a lot of very dead soils present in the existing pots and containers …. but l will be working to improve the actual growing soil this winter with some of my specialised home grown mulch and bokashi dig ins.

Two images taken this morning – l have a typical seed feeder in the shrubbery above the gravel path and currently the sparrows are flying up and knocking it about so the seed falls to the ground and the rest can feed. This is interesting behaviour but also highlights l will need to review the positioning of the feeder.

It is a far cry from the Hillyfields Garden. But, it does have birdlife here – l am in the process of trying to figure and configure which foodstuffs they prefer and which bird feeders are best for the garden itself and it’s inner suburban location. I believe l am on at least three migration paths for birds – but have already seen the following bird species visit the garden so far….

Common BlackbirdHouse SparrowRobin Red BreastCommon Chaffinch
Wood Pigeon [Percy’s]GoldfinchCollared DoveWrens
StarlingsBlue TitCoal TitHouse Martins

Looking forwards to commencing the new series in August.

On Wednesday just gone, Suze and l, her daughter-in-law and her grandson were all present for the first of the final two parts of moving the Hillyfields garden into our new locations. Suze’s garden was first and was a mammoth undertaking, but was achieved.

It was an extremely hot day, l did get burned, but irrelevant to the warnings l always get burned really on account of a couple of things – 1] when l am busy l am just hyperfocused on getting the job done whatever the cost and 2] l am not sure if it is purely an Aspergian/autism issue but l don’t like things being on me if l have the choice – this means l don’t often wear hats [sun protection] and l hardly ever wear sunscreen. I added by choice – because if l have the choice l choose to not cover myself in sticky substances as opposed to those who do not have the choice and it is smeared on them and their bodies whether they like or want it not!

Two days later, no sunstroke, still able to function and l have nice brown arms and surprise surprise l am not yet dead – all good!!


We had a lot to shift that day and whilst it was a 50% shifting, this coming Sunday there is still roughly a 5% shift still to do – but 45% and three major van fill ups later – Suze’s garden was starting to look a bit chockerblock in a good way …in a very green way!

The Galleries below will show how the day started and progressed to the final shots awaiting this coming Sunday!

Gallery 1

The garden started out pretty full in the morning and everything you see below more or less had to shift out to Suze’s new garden. It was originally suggested that the three Runner Beans would be staying put, harvested off then dug out and given to Sam next door – but the daughter in law suggested that the smallest RB [in black container] could be moved to the garden…… and so it was!

Gallery 2

Where there is a will, there is a way also a willbarrow helps [did you see what l did there? Will Wheel, Willbarrow?] Anyway, with a wheelbarrow and the brute strength of a tenacious 13 year old grandson – absolutely everything is possible!

Gallery 3

“Oh my!” Were my first words concerning Suze’s garden … l had stayed behind in the Hillyfield’s garden for the first two trips prepping up the things to be moved around however l joined the last journey with the RB’s and so my first trip in and l was surprised to see how suddenly very green her garden had become!! Once it is all sorted, with a shed up and the trellis against the fences it’ll not look so jumbled. It will be a fabulous challenge to bring this garden back to life! I looked at Suze at one point and thought ‘Dang girl, you look tired!!”

Gallery 4

There really isn’t much left to move this coming Sunday – plant wise for me, Ava and a few tomato plants, a container of sweet potato and the drying garlics and for Suze a basil, an aubergine, some cucumbers and a pepper in the greenhouse. Outside it ‘s just a small table and five bags of soils and mulch and some glass and in the shed my wood chipper. For Suze a birdbath seen above, a lawn mower and a couple of tools. Once these have moved the garden is empty of us. The garden we leave now is 150% better than the garden we took on board 4 years ago.

Anyway folks, thanks for reading, catch you in the last episode – part 8 next week.

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  1. I hope Ava will be happy in her new home.🤞 I think it will be perfect for her!
    Almost there… light at the end of the tunnel. Watch out for Mr Murphy! He likes to step in during the home stretch.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Hey Grandma, how are you doing? Zen still holding up for you? I am just about to call it a night on account of being exhausted – are you ok?

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