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Season 3 – Summer 2020
Series 3 – “Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again
Thursday 23rd July 2020 – Walk Time 75 Mins
“A Pootling We Shall Go!!”
This morning 6.45am my kitchen – a few of the things carted over last night after yesterday’s garden transfer – several plants indoors and out.

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Are you familiar with the term ‘pootling?’ If not then let me explain … ‘to pootle’, means moving in a leisurely way, like strolling – but a little more chilled or relaxed – to pootle and in examples … “l was pootling today, well and truly pootled and fancy a pootle?”

Yesterday which l shall write about quite possibly today but by no later than tomorrow evening, was an exhausting day – l kid you not. Sure! I was a bit of a muppet with regards the sun and getting sunburned. My arms, neck, head are seriously, seriously red. But l tend to ignore things like that when l am busy.

Yesterday was busy – we had to move 50% of the old garden into Suze’s new garden! Suze’s daughter-in-law and her grandson arrived to help carry out that task and they did a marvelous job. The daughter in law is an actual landscape gardener so has a van which is/was like the Tardis for the amounts it was carrying!


This morning l was determined come hell or highwater – l was going out for a Morning Musing with one of the camera’s – l write it like that – as l have bought myself a new in – town camera – but not actually set it up properly yet.

I had no idea where l was going just that l wanted to go somewhere else other than this house – l just thought ‘beautiful sunny morning – let’s get out and go!’The maps above show you my higgle piggle path taken! It was a bit sad also. The last time l had walked some of the route near the river – l was with Scrappy and Suze – l think back in 2016 when we had returned from the Isle of Wight and were living briefly in Canterbury. That made me cry a bit as l remembered the happy time. They say it’s always great to remember happy times with your pet companion and yet every time l do that – l cry. Hardly happy.

Sandwich is a truly beautiful town and many of the images in the gallerys below’ll not do the town that much justice, but it will give the reader an idea of the morning musings to come in the future and more so with regards Season/Series 3. I will explain the walks per gallery..

Gallery 1

Gallery 1 starts with a shot of just outside my front door and the left hand lane which is Guildcount Lane and l then walked down the street towards the river, turned partial right and crossed the road, walked down a lane towards Fisherman’s Wharf walked along there to the Toll Bridge, crossed over and walked along the Quay and passed the American gunboat P22 towards the Medieval centre.

Gallery 2

Gallery 2 was walking by the river slightly towards the willow trees and my favourite tree and bench where l had sat with Scrappy and Suze in 2016 eating fish and chips. Then walking through the Quay carpark, looking up Knightrider street and the beautiful archway of the Drill Hall and then up Bell Lane past the Namaste Indian restaurant and the Bell Hotel. Then walking in Upper Strand street towards the High Street. Crossing over the road and walking down Seven Post Alley. Crossing the road and walking down the side lane to St Peter’s Church and briefly looking at the stalls outside for the Thursday market. From there l walked aways down Market Street towards Potter Street and then turned left into Strand street and walked towards my street and instead of turning left as if to go home, l just continued walking.

Gallery 3

Gallery 3 is where l then continued to walk towards St Mary’s Church and the Kings Arms pub, where upon l turned left and walked past the church in St Mary’s road and down Vicarage Lane and crossed over to Guildcount Lane and then l was back where l started.

If you use the maps above you’ll get a better understanding of the topography to my walk.

I split the walk up into three distinct areas – the last time l was here was as said Summer 2016 – the three of us had parked in The Quay carpark, walked through the town a bit and then headed back and picked up some fish and chips and sat underneath a beautiful willow tree in the park by the river – those of you who know me well and my love for trees will know all too well why l picked that bench – and now despite the tears of earlier today the bench does have happier memories attached also it sits underneath a soul tree with a lot of life.

All in all, it was a good start to the day – as l have a lot of work on this afternoon unpacking and sorting out … but also it’s a good start to the new series. I hope to be able to get another post in soon or at least before the end of July, although that will mostly just be explaining the various walks and hikes around Sandwich.

However, at this moment in time l must sort the garden here – thanks for reading everyone – catch up with you again soon!

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15 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Your new place is in a awesome location. Loved the photographic journey though the neighborhood. All the best for today.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous neighborhood and those trees!!!😍🥰💃🏼 You’ve located yourself in a wonderful place! I’m SO excited for you. I can’t wait to find out what you “see” around town.

    You’ll have the big stuff settled soon, then it’ll just be little fine tunings. I think you’re past the worst of it and it’s ADVENTURE TIME💫💃🏼🌊🦄🧸💌

  3. 😮😮😮 WOW!!! I love it!! It’s so English!!! That’s awesome!!! Thank you for buying that camera!! I love every picture … except the toll bridge place – but that’s only because I hate paying tolls lol 😘✌️

    Some of those tunnel places do not look big enough for vehicles!!

    Oh wow!! And you get to live there

    When you see stuff from America – do you think oh wow how American ?? I’m actually curious about that.

    And oh wow those graves!!! How old are they???? Wow!!!

    And boats!!! Nice choice!! That looks like something from a fairy tale… meant in a good way!! I love that area!! Looks peaceful!

    Doesn’t seem to have a lot of traffic… is it touristy? Like from other countries?

    Probably not looking that peaceful!! Wow! You will be happy!! I would be Oh my god!

    Take more pics!!! Oh my god! Love them!!! Can you get one from one of the carvings on the grave stones? Or are those too old and worn off – they look delicate!

    What charm you have!!

    Loved this post!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wow 🙂

      Glad you liked the post Trisha 🙂

      I have another new series starting called ‘Walking in Time’ which will look at the historical walks of Sandwich as l take them 🙂

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