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What a Year So Far, And Yet!!?

Some of you may recall this series which began on the 1st January this year and continued for 7 episodes, the last being published on February 3rd. At that time l said l would be back later on this year – well l am back for season 2. Admittedly l had planned to recommence June 1st – buuut life had stepped on board at that point in various ways as it does so ‘happening’ and prevented me from recommencing the series.

I mean who saw the pandemic that hit us in March and the global crisis and lockdown and fears and it is all still there – none of us here reading today saw that one!? Who saw my relationship status changing …….. well actually, in so far as the latter – l did ……. close friends knew l was expecting something to occur, and readers of Dear Blog from last year will have read then of my trepidations with my relationship especially given the condition of Scrappy and her declining health.

What l didn’t expect was the way my relationship sort of ended or that l would be moving house and home – l didn’t quite see that happening admittedly. Equally as much l didn’t forsee how goal posts would be set differently to how they were initially concreted into foundations … but this is life – it is sent to try and trial us!

No matter, no mind – this new season albeit shorter than intended will see us through to the end of 2020 and a short season 3 “Fun for 2021!” will be present for a little while next year.

So this episode was just to touch base again briefly and to outline that there would be an August episode outlining the changes to my blog which l discussed briefly earlier this year for the second half of 2020.

Things are going to be changing quite significantly from August, yes it does tie in with my new house move, my new relationship status, my renewed business study and work and career plans that were in situ back in March but ‘the whole life changes thang’ changed that!

Lisa of Lismore Paper has still be producing banners and feature images for me – but l have been busy with items already mentioned as well as still working to make the necessary changes following the new Block Editor introduction on June 1st – which is still proving a giant pain in the ass with some things.

There are new features set to start, older features set to return, very deliberate routines and schedules that will alter the way readers view my blog and when to be implemented and new posting and publishing times to establish.

But all will be revealed soon enough, l just have to get the final house move changes from Kingsdown [old house] to Sandwich [new house] ironed out which should be achieved by end July.

Anyway thanks for reading – catch you all in August!

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  1. If pandemic has effected others in a some way or the other, for you the effect has been very unexpected and personal. I hope that with your tenacious spirit, you’ll overcome it. All the best my friend

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