Dear Blog – 12.19 – 20/07/20

Day 20 of Moving Madness!

The Day Before The Day After …… 2#

The day of the move went surprisingly well if l am honest – as in the removal side of things – prior to that there were a few incidents – nothing major, just a few discoveries with regards the old Kingsdown property – such as in my room – a room which has a bit of a subsidence issue and whilst that doesn’t mean l was at risk of disappearing into a sink hole, it did mean that at times some damp might seep into the bedroom. It’s one of those issues that unless you experience a problem of suddeness to it – you are going to ignore it – like we did. If it wasn’t killing me there wasn’t a problem – and let’s not be too naive here – it was the landlord’s responsibility to fix it – she just never did.

But of course not all problems are visible … and this subsidence issue was one of those invisible issues … the result was whilst the bedroom wasn’t flooding – it did occasionally, after heavy rainfall outside [remember the old property was on a hill] allow for a lot of damp outside to inner wall. Again not really noticeable immediately it was a damp over time problem. My bed however was against that wall and even with hoovering, unless you saw the damp at the time by the time you were cleaning the dampness had dried – but the damp when wet had damaged the bed or rather divan side to the bed. This meant that my old bed which l was going to utilise as my guestroom bed, had to be disposed of.

I had plans to use the guest room bed as my main sleeping bed until my own bed [arriving today] got here and l could sleep in the master bedroom – so that didn’t happen and in the interim period l have been sleeping on the mattress in the guest room … thank goodness it is a 30cm mattress – you don’t feel the hard wooden floor that way. But it now means l have to buy a new bed frame to support that.

End result is that the old divan base is now sitting in the old conservatory with other rubbish awaiting collection by the same business that did our house removals – they turned out to be really great people – l was very impressed with them and glad l found them.

The IKEA wardrobe was taller and wider than the guest room’s actual door frame.

Another issue that happened was a wardrobe that Suze owns had to come to my place here [for guest room] which she couldn’t have due to lack of space – but this thing is an IKEA model and despite only being a double proved to be too big to fit into my house as well ……………..although l add – it’s not ‘too’ big it’s more a case of my doors [old property] being too small.

Most modern built properties have much wider doors on account of wheelchair users and availability access in and out, but older period home like the one here in Sandwich – built in the later 1800’s early 1900’s didn’t have the need for that as most containment space was built in anyway and they were not specifically thinking ‘wheelchair access’ either.

Guestroom built wardrobes 1970 at a guess.

My actual guest room has large wardrobes anyway which l guess were built maybe 50 years ago, but l use those for my clothing on account of the master bedrooms wardrobes being part of the wall and too old fashioned for today’s clothing – plus the right hand cupboard appears to have suffered from damp at some point – even though l can see it’s been treated – on account of it being on an outside wall – and l now use it only for storage. The other cupboard is shelving space only and that needs an additional shelf put in.

Master bedroom built in wardrobes – left and right as seen in image. The right is now purely for storage on account of previous damp issue.

So Suze’s wardrobe once it had been brought to the top of the stairs here and turned around on the very tight corner had to be taken down again and put into the kitchen – to await the handy tech’s arrival yesterday to dismantle it and take it upstairs and reassemble it in the guest room! Good job it’s a nice looking wardrobe – otherwise l wouldn’t have travelled to all of this hassle!

Aside from those two main problems the rest of the move went well. Suze got the times mixed up and thought the removal team were arriving at 8.30am, as ooposed to their actual arrival time of 9.30am and so was up at 4am to make things ready and allowed me to sleep till 6am. When l got up l was super impressed with everything but when asked why she had been up so early and she explained – it was a picture in itself to see her face when l said they were arriving an hour later than she thought!

Some of the organised chaos of Friday morning below ..

However between us and what Suze had accomplished both the previous night and prior to me getting up, it allowed for a very smooth removal – so much so and so organised were we for their arrival that the whole thing from the time they got to us at 9.30am was packed into two vans ready for delivery to Sandwich and Deal by 10.15am. They were finished with me in Sandwich by and finished with Suze by 11.45am. Two and quarter hours from arrival to the old property to finalisation with the Deal property is pretty damn efficient ……….. more than l can currently say about my shower curtain…….

………. which decided to fall on me this morning …. amongst the many problems with the shower – this just made me laugh!! But that tale’s for another time, till then …

Thanks for reading, catch you later in part #3 – The Day After!

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.19 – 20/07/20

  1. The photos reminded me of my many moves from city to city and house to house. It’s both exciting and tiring time.

    1. Ha ha excellent – l know how you feel Ashley, felt the same way for the last six weeks – praying for the time when it’s all done and dusted 🙂

    1. Hey Paula, many thanks – l am looking forwards now to it all finally being over and so l can start to resume some normality in my days 🙂

  2. Looks like your…ummm… rod… isn’t long enough.😉😂😂

    The thing about flats not having closets in the bedrooms there in UK is weird to me. I understand with old buildings, but it seems like even newer buildings don’t always have closets. Or is it just I’ve only seen flats that don’t have closets?🤔

    Is Ava in her new home yet?

    1. Hey Grandma – the problem with my rod isn’t length ha ha – the length is fine – it’s actually my screwing ability!!! 🙁

      My rod has lost the extending screwing ability and has no longer got the stickability on account of my weak screwing ………’s terrible!!

      Wardrobes and closets are a strange thing …old buildings usually have the inbuilts – but they are old like the houses … the fact that this house has both internally built ‘inbuilts’ and externally built outbuilds is quite unique.

      Suze’s new property has custom builts.

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