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Sunday 19th July 2020
New Season 12 – Series 8

Lisa of Lismore Paper greets everyone this Sunday with Summer Sundae wishes and hopes you’ll have a lovely day! To make it a little easier here’s some vibes!

Coming Soon … Pump It Large!

We have the following Kick Starts planned in ….

Jennifer of Paperkutz
Sunday 19th – Popular Spanish Mix
Melanie Sparky
Monday 20th -Rod Stewart Hits
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Tuesday 21st – Sex Pistols
Fandango of This, That and The Other
Wednesday 22nd –The Moody Blues
Stephen Blyse Writes
Thursday 23rd – Thrice
Carol Anne of Therapy Bits
Friday 24th – Amy Winehouse
Tazzie of Echidna Home
Saturday 25th – Eagles

Jennifer of Paperkutz loves Spanish music and admittedly this was a tinsy bit of a challenge for me because that’s quite broad a field so here’s my first attempt -have a great day Jennifer and let me know what area of Spanish music you enjoy.

Let me know your top five tracks/artists or even groups that would set you up right for the day, below in the comments.

Have a terrific day everyone!

Totally busy day yesterday unpacking – today have the decorator in to assist with some practical issues and then off to the old Address to help Suze. Be good and have a great day!

15 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Sundae Sunday is perfect since its National Ice Cream Day and also National Daiquiri Day… aye matey… rum, strawberries and ice in blender… that’s for me🏴‍☠️

    I hope everything goes smoothly JB🧸💌

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