If I Could Turn Back ….

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If I Could Turn Back

…. Time, Would You Take Advantage Of The Opportunity?

If so – what would you do and where and when would you return to?

It’s that simple as a question … if l was able to offer you the opportunity to return to a chosen spot and time in your life previous to today – where would you go? Would you take the risk and step back into your yesterdays? Could you make that decision or decisions and change your life ……….?

Most and possibly many will answer this as logic would dictate and stipulate no as it would change their todays … but if you were to go back in time to a spot before now and change a part of your life – then the history that followed that moment would for sure probably completely alter today or maybe just change it marginally ………..

Ok, but say if going back in time to before today came with the choice of knowingly altering your life to only marginally change today or completely and wittingly change today to the point of not knowing today’s history even existed … what choice would you take for yourself and why?

I mean if you didn’t know today existed for you, what difference would it make going back to a time when your history hadn’t actually started?

Let Me Know Below – Cheers Rory

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23 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back ….

  1. Go back in time, knowing what I know now? And therefore being able to change decisions I made, (knowing where those decisions would lead) and therefore today would be totally different. Oh hell, yes! (and I totally did not understand your last sentence.)

  2. My answer is still no. All of the points in my life that were pivotal occurred before one or both of my daughters were born. I wouldn’t want to be without them in my life.

    And all of the bad stuff has made me incredibly strong and resilient.
    Blah, blah, blah… I know that you know that I know that you know…😉😂🧸💌

    1. So given a potential opportunity of changing your life and starting afresh, you would still opt for the one you are in and have experienced ?

      1. I think the challenges of my life have made me appreciate the things I have. Who can say I’d be happier if things had been easier? Without my ex, I wouldn’t have my daughters.
        I am happy 95% of the time. I’ve reached a spiritual awareness I dont think would’ve happened without the challenges I’ve been through.
        Still gonna go with keeping what I have. The fun is just beginning

  3. Hahaha I was just thinking of this song the other day!! That’s funny!

    Hmm 🤔 I would want to go back in time to maybe 24… I would have my mom and dad – and be close to them… and also – I could have left my jackass ex then and been better off …

    But the thing with that is – I got 2 more amazing kids… without him – I wouldn’t have them. They are worth it ❤️

    I just miss my mom and dad 💔 so I want them back

    1. I think my Suze would relate to your last sentiment and in truth her life and yours are very similar so she would probably second your entire comment.

  4. Here is my dilemma. Go back now and make a shitload on something like Amazon and sports upsets.


    Live my life until old age, then go back to the year I was born and relive life completely different.

    There was a movie that delt with this concept in a way, I forget what it was but it had Rachel McAdams and it wasn’t the time travelers wife but that was also with her and about time travel.

          1. You guys had the better version of the office. There was also a movie called happy go lucky I saw a few years back that had an abrupt and dark turn at the end.

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