I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

#9 – 18/07/2020

Welcome to ‘I Am Ok … Thanks for asking!

Season 2Monthly Post

So, how are you all doing this month then?

Let me know below or if you wish, please feel free to drop me an email here aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com if you just want to chat, vent or moan and need a listening ear. It’s perfectly fine.

So, How am l doing?

This series is now starting series 2 with this post #9. It’s a month ago since the last one 18/06/20 and my third post from my new house, the first being Is It Time To Mask Up Or? l created last night in a tired stupor and of course this morning’s post dated The Hello which l am seriously surprised looks ok considering how many times l fell asleep creating it!!

However, last night was my first night here and l managed to get some decent sleep, l even slept in this morning to 7.30am completely ignoring the 5.55am alarm!

I am currently unpacking and trying to configure my house, the new space and my content together! Suze is still over at the old house where she is going to be camped for a few days and travelling backwards and forwards between her new house and the old one and travelling over with the last few bits that l am storing here for her and us alike.

I’ll write another Dear Blog later on with the update from Dear Blog – 17.55 – 16/07/20 – The Day Before The Day To Come …… 1# about The Day itself which was yesterday.

I imagine l will be busy in one format or another for the next couple of weeks – whilst l am officially the resident of the property in Sandwich l am still a resident of the Kingsdown property until sign out, contract termination and key hand over on the 31st – but l am still helping Suze with the old property and its content. The decorator is over in Kingsdown now working on my old office whilst Suze and one of her friends move Suze’s belongings across to her new property.

Currently from where l sit typing, the sun is out and it’s going to be a warm day, my new office as you’ll see eventually is actually much larger and is more of a living office over just a den as was my preference but l will be writing about this and these new transitions in the series The Blokes New Digs and of course the new garden series The Dug Out’s Secret Garden!

I have my music playing, the town outside is already busy – l am literally just on the outskirts of the centre of Sandwich town. Surrounded by vibrancy and it’s fantastic – it reminds me a lot of my life in London in the 90’s. I used to leave my apartment in Edgeware Road [London] and within thirty seconds l was engulfed by the smells and scents and the colours, musics and the heats of the bustling city. Now Sandwich is a far far cry from London, but last night whilst Suze and l walked to her car l was assaulted with noise and smells and scents from a eclectic mix of restaurants and people noise and it was a gentle prod back to my thirties!

We’ll, you and l will have fun exploring this together when l restart the Morning Musings – Season 3 … but that’s not just yet – YET or now is about unpacking and getting on with things like waiting for my new bed to arrive and other much needed requirements – all the fun of a new place – but come August l can start to resume some of my activities and start to read from your blogs again, write comments on them and respond to prompts again as well as working to my own writing schedule. So, as said despite everything, l am feeeling gooood – l am ok, thanks for asking!

How are you all doing?

Let me know below in the comments section!

20 thoughts on “I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

  1. Hey JB! I am very happy that your new digs is creating a sense of excitement and I think you’ll have fun exploring all the little pockets of your new environment, but please take some time to rest! You’ve been running on fumes for weeks. Sleeping in until 7:30 is a good start!

    I am still in the Zen Zone. A few hiccups here and there. Some grumpy days, some indignant anger, a few rants but overall… I’m good. I’m still tired all the time but I have a feeling that’s just going to be my lot until I can get a break from Peasant Duty to HRH. That is nowhere in sight, so I keep on keeping on. Dancing and laughing as often as I can.

    1. Hey Grandma – l am pleased that you are still in a good zen zone despite the daily strifes – l too hope that one day you can get a much earned break 🙂

  2. Happy that you are in and getting settled! If moving residences can cause one to feel younger, I may have to do just that!

  3. I’m very pleased to read about your new home and how well you’re adjusting to things there! I’m glad you’re doing okay! 🙂 Across the pond here things continue to be less optimistic, but I just take it a day at a time and carry on. What else is there to do really? I did get a short visit with relatives yesterday and that was a welcome break, although I was caught a bit short vis a vis having my domicile as ready for visitors as I like. I’ll have to blog about that. Have a fantastic day Bloke! 🙂

  4. Here in my southwest corner of the US numbers are rising, the orange one is out of his mind, but thankfully the schools are staying closed for safety.
    I hope you take time to enjoy your new home as a slow paced adventure.

    1. Hey Good morning Lauren – indeed the orange one is scary and that is me being polite! Numbers are rising here also – as people seemingly think everything is okay and the last few months were a thing of last century and not just a few months ago and still going.

      1. I stay in my little world trying to be safe. People seem to be losing brain cells by the day. They are taking the pandemic as a political crisis instead of a health crisis. So sad.

        1. Yes very much so, l tend to stay in my bubble also, l keep my distance from people as best l can – but whereas before l was pretty safe in the knowledge l was relatively safe – now as l have had to endure the house move, the removal teams, other people – of course – well who knows.

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