Is It Time To Mask Up Or?

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Is It Time To Mask Up Or?

On the 24th July, so next Friday now – new legislation in the UK means the wearing of face masks will become mandatory in shops – as in it will become law – no choice – you have to do it. Failure to comply will result in a £100 fine for non-compliance and will be enforced by the police as well as staff in the shops themselves.

Ok, if that is what must be done – then l for one will comply – l mean after all – face masks are there to help us … right? We all know that face masks are not a 100% deterrent – but anything is better than nothing! The wearing of face masks has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

I read an article yesterday that suggested the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation or better known as those born between the years of 1946 – 1964 are ‘appalled’ at the prospect of wearing a mask despite it protecting others and themselves? I found the article quite odd …… because l have seen here in Sandwich for example not just one generation age reluctant to wear masks but several stretched right across the lines of ageing. Teenagers, young adults, adults as well as middle aged and the elderly.

Only tonight whilst helping Suze load up the car in the car park, a ten minute walk from the house and we were having to use that because all the space outside the house were filled with people either out for dinner or visiting pubs for a drink.

In the times l was out today l perhaps saw 300 people from 7am – 8pm and of that figure l would say l saw 3% wearing masks. Tonight whilst walking back from the car park l saw maybe forty people standing outside the pub on account of the climate being so muggy, no social distance was maintained and the average age l would say 27 … of the forty – there were no masks being worn.

In America l think there are well over twenty states that require the wearing of masks when merely out in public not just the shops ……….. and of course we all know that both the USA and the UK since the lockdowns have been reduced there have been fresh spikes of cases.

Now the question is actually two fold aboout masks … with a twist.

1] Are you currently wearing face masks when you go out into public wherever you are in the world and 2] what type of masks are you wearing? [As in practical or stylish?]

Also – how do you feel about the wearing of masks? Do you see it as a protection or an infringement on your civil rights?

Let Me Know Below – Cheers Rory

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45 thoughts on “Is It Time To Mask Up Or?

  1. Yes, wearing- I am a Respiratory Therapist – so wearing even though I am unafraid of the virus. I am wearing a cloth mask lined with a PM 2.5 liner which is comparable to a N95 mask. I sanitize my masks regularly with UV light. Just because it’s good practice.

      1. I have a Lumin UV sanitizer. Throw the mask in the drawer, close it, hit ‘on’ and five minutes later- voila! I sanitize my cell phone too!

  2. Mask on when out of the house. I hate them because I also wear glasses and masks that hook over ears and under nose frames are so annoying. Death might be a bit more annoying, so I put up with it.
    Most of the people I see who don’t want to wear them, or object strongly, vary in age and everything else. Maybe they don’t fear death, but what of the long-term effects of this thing? Caution is better than regret

    1. Hey Cage – l think l read somewhere that Australia has closed off its States again? I think Australia has managed things pretty well … over here l think it’s not so much a question of fear or not fearing death but maybe thinbking they look stupid.

      My philosophy is better to look stupid than wear the grim mask of death itself.

      1. Nobody wants to let any Victorians escape! Yes, most of the states have closed borders, but some have agreements for people from one or two other states … so complex.
        One pub, where travellers stopped for lunch, where truckers stopped for lunch, where ES workers stopped for lunch, as each group travelled from state to state to get parcels from here to there, there to here, as people who delivered foods and critical elements from where it was to where it was needed, as people who moved in convoys to go to where they were needed … one person who snuck out of a ‘closed’ zone, who also stopped for an early lunch at the same pub.
        All it takes is one.

  3. both my husband and I wear masks when we leave the house. They are n-24 masks. I don’t honestly care what they look like, I want to be able to protect myself and others. We do not have “mandates” as quite frankly, most of America is full of half-wits, morons, wankers and stupid beyond imagining selfish twits! lol

  4. I have been wearing a mask whenever I’m going to be in public. I dont wear it when I drive Daughter to work, but I have it with me. Always in every shop, even at the drive thru window of take out food. I have cloth masks. Daughter also brought home some surgical masks. I have 2 cloth masks with Flutterbys on them, made by a friend. Also a cloth mask Daughter was given that has geometric designs.

    If I were out in public more, I’d probably have more masks… quirky ones for fun.

    The thing that stays on my mind the most is that a big group of people are asymptomatic carriers. I’ve read up to 20%. I can’t stand the idea that I could make someone else sick or possibly kill them because I don’t like wearing a mask. NOBODY likes wearing them, but it’s a very small thing to do. And it’s very helpful in stopping the spread.

    1. Very true.

      I am not often out as you know – if l am say in the street – l tend to not wear a mast – l just avoid people completely, walk the other side in many cases and yet today with the removals no one was wearing a mask, neither were Suze or myself – we were a metre apart when talking to others … but as Cage said .. it only takes one.
      I recently bought some filtered masks, it’s been the first time any have been available for about three months.

      1. Masks are for sale everywhere here. They have all kinds, mostly cloth, but still better than nothing. They sell them at the corner market even… but we’ve been required to wear them for a long time.
        I think Governor Newsom is doing a pretty good job with a state as big as California.
        Unfortunately, idjits proved they cant be trusted to be responsible with the reopening and we’re basically back to everything is closed. In my part of the state 25% of the positive tests are 20-29 year olds. They aren’t taking this seriously. Partying at the bars or getting their hair done is more important🤦‍♀️

        1. Yes, that is the age bracket predom here that seemingly think the covid is invisible to them and they are invincible.

          Where l am now is right on one of the busiest streets to sandwich – l have both double yellows outside [as in do not park full time only use for unloading/loading] and parking spaces so l see and hear a lot of different age groups ………. from my office this morning l have maybe seen 150 people of all ages and only 2 were wearing masks mid forties. Not being beside the windows all day l don’t see everyone … but still only 2 masks of 150 people and people wonder why it’s spiking again??

  5. My husband and I wear masks whenever we leave the apartment (except when I take the trash out or do laundry because I am the only one in the laundry room or in the hallway). If I have to go down to the lobby to pick up a package or mail I wear a mask. Certainly in Uber (it’s mandatory) and certainly in the grocery store. If two people are actually in the hallway at the same time, which rarely happens, everybody backs off and a lot of “You go, No You go” gesturing goes on. No one will even share an elevator! If I am anywhere there are other people I wear a mask and keep my distance!

    1. Hey Grace, we have a lot of that here from the ones actually adopting commons sense – however many are apparently oblivious to that logic too.

  6. I wear a mask whenever I go out. I met my brother and his wife sitting outside on the patio, wearing masks.
    I wear the practical, disposable ones.
    And I strongly feel that this is a precaution we all should take. If it lessens the chances of getting or giving the disease, wear it.

  7. In FL here, our state has not made mask a requirement but some counties or towns have. Some stores are saying you must wear one if you want to shop at them. Our bars are not allowed to sell alcohol again as of a week or two ago. One just had their license taken and is suing over it. I have only been wearing them to go to doctors appointments and only going to one’s that can’t be put off. Looks like Monday I will be figuring out new places to show or wearing one if I have to go to the store that requires them.

    I have a few cloth ones I bought in a pack and then I have a few made from bandanas and a thicker cloth one a lady at work made. I feel it should be to each their own. Like anything else that goes around everyone do what they feel they need to do to protect their self or family. If it is required and I want something at that store bad enough i will wear it. Odds are i can go across or down the street and get it and not have to wear one and that is what I will do more than not.

    1. Yes, they are incredibly uncomfortable and kudos to the medical staff that have to wear them all the time. You are right people should have the option to decide for themselves which is why there is outcry on civil liberties and yet, if it does mean that some additional protection is awarded and offered then l am for it … but a part of me – thinks about the governmental control aspect – l can’t speak for the States, but l have been a little concerned over here in the UK at how the government has swimmingly smoothed into the dominant role here – health or not.

      But my best self advice is to not go anywhere really crowded – and so l don’t.

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  9. I don’t have any strong opinions on face coverings myself…just want to cooperate with whatever we are asked to do. I have to wear face masks and other PPE at work 6 days a week, so I have always been glad to leave work and have the freedom of not having them. However, as the shops etc get busier, the 2-metre rule is being forgotten, one way systems are ignored, and for the first time in months I am seeing people openly coughing into their hand and then picking up things from the shelf and changing their mind and putting them back. So I totally understand why we are being asked to use this measure now.

    I feel a lot for my friends who rely on lip-reading. They are struggling a lot!

    I have been wearing disposable face masks at work, we were very well supplied by the NHS. I have not used public transport since February, but in case of an emergency, I started to wear summer scarves so I could wrap them around me as a face covering if I did need to catch the bus. But I have now invested in a purpose made washable face mask.

    1. Hey Mel, a greatly insightful answer. I too have seen the business of forgotten hygienes during this period of time [coughing and spreading]

  10. We are doing that in my area – my last post will tell what we doing in my area of California … I am too tired to retype it all sorry

    I like the masks – I like the mystery it gives me – you only see my eyes ❤️ can’t read my face or know what I am mumbling lol ✌️

    And I also like to be safe … don’t get your particles on me lol ✌️😘

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