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Thursday 16th July 2020
New Season 12 – Series 8

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad wants you all to celebrate with him Chip Day Thursday – no, no l shan’t say anymore than that -‘it’s secret or special, or especially secret – something like that – but matters not – have a terrific day Gary and to make it saucy to go with the chips – grab yourself some of this and squeeze!

Coming Soon …


We have the following Kick Starts planned in ….

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
Thursday 16th – Deep Purple
Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian
Friday 17th – Forgotten Oldies
Grace of Broadway Matron
Saturday 18th – Billie Holiday
Jennifer of Paperkutz
Sunday 19th – Popular Spanish Mix
Melanie Sparky
Monday 20th -Rod Stewart Hits
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Tuesday 21st – Sex Pistols
Fandango of This, That and The Other
Wednesday 22nd –The Moody Blues

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad – a double whammy for you matey! Morning Guest Star and Kick Start 5 – just to make sure you are awake eh? Have a great day and enjoy your play list!

Let me know your top five tracks that would set you up right for the day below in the comments.

Have a terrific day everyone!

Another early start to a busy busy day. Over at Suze’s this morning with the eco oven guy and l am busy with Suze’s garden – weeding for my sins – whilst he does his stuff! Once that’s done, back here to break down the computer desks and ship mine to Sandwich with the computer’s ready for the computer guy tomorrow who will set the system up again and breaking down the beds – so all going well l will be back tomorrow night.

But l will post date tomorrow’s Hello today anyhoo. Friday is to be a seriously busy and stressful day ……..yay!! Was starting to feel naked with no stress!!

Have a terrific Chip Day Thursday folks!

17 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. Thanks Grandma, yeah it’s getting close to the end of the main heavy burden work completion, after tomorrow it’ll just be tidy up work – will be seriously glad when July has gone 🙂 Have yourself a great Thursday ………..ooh Lisa completed your ToadsDay Tuesday banner too 🙂

  1. Your move is an insane amount of work! I’ve moved a lot, a rough count is 14 moves in the last 30 years (not counting the temporary housing while looking for permanent housing), but most of them have been work mandated and the employer paid for the moves so other people did the packing but I never had to move an entire huge garden – just “stuff”. You win the gold medal in this olympic moving event!

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