Dear Blog – 17.55 – 16/07/20

Day 16 of Moving Madness!

The Day Before The Day To Come …… 1#

I am exhausted, shattered, tired and everything else that one would expect from someone moving house and a huge garden … l am afraid to stop moving for too long in case my body just gives up the ghost and sayd NADA Not Happening! So l keep moving, l keep doing, l keep keeping on .. there will be a time for rest, but it’s not today, or tomorrow or even the next day … the time of being able to relax properly is still a good distance away BUT it is getting close!

Tomorrow the 17th July is more or less three months exactly to the date when Suze said she wanted to live in her own space back in April and in that three months or 93 days l have moved mountains to make her wish happen. In those same days l started to break down a large growing garden, a large composting station and a large worm farm and of course a large vegetable growing area.

There is so much happening this month … it was four years ago on the 12th July 2016 that Scrappy, Suze and l said yes to taking this rental on board and here we are four years later with sadly Scrappy no longer here and Suze and l parting as friends to go and live in our new houses.

I am despite what many might think having to roll with the way things have moved and changed and simply have had to get on with things ………… but that doesn’t mean that l am not still upset by it all, or disappointed and even angry to certain elements ……. l am human after all. Someone commented recently that l didn’t seem bothered by the events ….. they are wrong ….. the difference is that l have tried to work through my emotions and have ploughed time and energy into how l feel. But l am ………. upset.

I just haven’t written about it in any depth. But l am wearing my adult pants and l am dealing with it. However Suze and l will still be friends ……… she is still my best human mate.

Suze’s main weeding achieved was the front garden – it’s really bad soil there and the weeds don’t need an excuse to grow. But l weeded it and pulled out all the dead plants of which there was quite a bit of both lavendar and privet bush.

But all cleaned up well.

Up early this morning, well before 6am and attended to assorted bits and bots, over at Suze’s for 10am to meet the eco oven guy at midday – but weeding was my main task …….. and that was achieved as was the oven clean – so Suze can now cook in her oven with the free thoughts that it is organically cleaned over chemically cleaned.

I am creating this final post for today and a Hello for tomorrow, then the real hard graft starts as Suze and l start the prep for the removal vans tomorrow …. the Day Before The Day Has Begun!!

Catch you all on the flippy side!

Some of the calm before the storm ………. and the time of endless nervous energy begins!

Thanks for reading, catch you later!

16 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 17.55 – 16/07/20

  1. Good luck! 🍀 Moving is so stressful and I am impressed with your logical approach. I understand “doing the things” and dealing with emotions later ❤️

  2. Of course you’re upset but need to move on! One can not deny the facts and what then? going into depression? That’s not the way of handling things…are difficult yes, stressful, painful but in the end the only thing you can do is to move on!
    You’re almost there Rory! That time to rest will come soon 😉

    1. I am not going to be having any deporession Ribana – l am fine – the elements l refer to are different elements such as the anger is mostly l guess looking at perhaps ‘the timing’ however – l think l may be handling this better than Suze her actually wanted this.

  3. Rory, I feel your emotions in your writing. I understand that this is difficult in many ways. You will probably get hit with emotions as you enter your next phase. You are almost there. Best of luck with the transition.

  4. Oh Rory! I had no idea this was happening as I don’t get around other people’s blogs much nowadays. I can feel your upset and I am so sorry this has happened. I know you will be utterly exhausted at the end of it all. And yes, you WILL have emotions. Deeper than anyone could possibly imagibpne. Take care and look after your own self too. Hope the move goes well. Have yourself some peaceat the end of it. Things canalways be done gradually. Best of luck Rory x

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