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E42 – W28

Introduction …

Six weeks ago l weighed in at 13 Stone 3, you may recall l wrote about it and said that whilst l have never been particularly heavy, l felt heavy and lacked muscle definition! Six weeks later and l now weigh in at 12 stone 2 and have muscle definition and some tone. I am never going to have ‘pecs’ again, that was something from my young adult years and over the years they have disappeared – naturally and l think without specialised gym work that loss was to be expected.

I haven’t worked specifically to achieve this weight loss, not directly – l have literally just worked the garden, shifting soils around from A – B – C. I have been on my knees, walked, lifted, shovelled and dug – my body has been at all kinds of angles in all kinds of positions.

I already feel better for it … once all this is done and dusted as in house moves and garden transfers the difficulty will be finding a suitable exercise/activity to continue the toning.

I will thankfully be able to resume my much missed Morning Musings but that is a stroll over a walk, and whilst l will be gardening still – you’ll soon see that the newer garden is smaller and differently defined and more compact so the energy l expend is more levelled as opposed to where l am currently and the garden distribution is spread over a much greater distance.

I can of course start to walk again and walking is an excellent form of exercise to undertake. Suze and l have planned in weekend hikes so that will be a great workout, but when not doing that – l think l will start proper walking again. [As opposed to just strolling in the mornings] I am not one for becoming a Yogi – l did give it thought ………. but that was all. So the Praying Mantis and Down Faced Dog is best left with the likes of the Karate Kid – not this kiddy!

… and despite the numerous stories and rumours – ‘sexercise’ doesn’t award that much of a calorie reduction either .. it’s just ‘jolly good fun!’, but not a weight reducer. 30 minutes of sexercise roughly burns 100 calories as opposed to nearly 300 calories when on the treadmill for the same time! I am NOT writing sexercise off ……. ha ha … just not using it as an exerciser! But it does take you back to Yoga in some ways!

All that aside, l am very pleased with my new weight and muscle mass replacement and of course my definition!


With the ‘rear garden’ now cleared – the rest of the garden is mostly all sewn up in so far as where it goes or doesn’t in the case of soils going next door to Sam as opposed to our new rentals. Everything to be moved is now on the gravel side of the garden. The Belfast and Boston sinks are being split between us – admittedly l am only having one which is the deepest on account of space – but we are now at the stage where the garden is easier to move.

The garden that l have been deconstructing since the start of May is classed as a ‘complex garden’ where l live – there are many different garden types in the street l live on here. Ours is complex because it is a three part garden as in – front garden, backyard garden and rear garden. You’ll not have heard me specifically talk of the ‘rear garden’ – it has always been included in with the back garden talk. But the rear garden is that location behind the shed where the compost set up was and the worm farms.

It becomes even more complex after that because the back garden comprises of lawn and ornamental flower beds and shrubbery – as opposed to purely ornamental shrubbery and bush – on one side and vegetable potential on the other – it’s a complicated garden also because of some of the growth it supports as in palm trees and the annoying fronds that drop every day all year and this garden has four main types of palm tree.

Furthermore it is complicated because of the size of it and the containing hedges – because we don’t have low fencing here we do have high hedges that need comprehensive and continuous care and maintenance.

Beryl and Edward’s garden [next door with tree] is a large garden back and front but low maintenance as it is dedicated to ornamental shrubbery and bush and tall grass varieties as opposed to more flower beds – but also they have very dedicated walkways of gravel and a large koi pond – and these take up considerable garden space – so their garden is smaller than ours on that level.

Sam’s garden on my other side is one tall hedge, one low hedge [next to his neighbour and he can clearly see into her garden] and then it’s backyard lawn on my side but full vegetable beds on the other side. Sarah across the road has a large wildlife garden that she completely leaves to nature with very little intervention and her sister who lives next to her but opposite Beryl has nothing but ride on and mow lawn. Dodge on Sarah’s other side has mostly concrete pathways, upper grass mounds and he is surrounded by mainstream commercial shrubbery as in he doesn’t have a fence that borders the road.

All above mentioned are big gardens, but none are overly complex like ours.

So, l am glad that l am finally nearing the end of this slog, but l still have another two weeks. Tomorrow however l will be shifting the very last of the soils across to Sandwich and into my own courtyard garden. Next week l will shift my plants across, like ‘Ava’, a few tomato and peppers, some gooseberry, a celeriac, two horseradish, the parsley and a couple of others – but once that is done and those plants are across – l will NOT have to transfer anything else into Sandwich.

Today, l shifted the last worm farm bin across and the carrot box and some soils for the raised beds and tomorrow l am taking across 12 bags of soil for my containers and the beds fill up – then that is it with soil to my new house. Woot woot — then l start Suze’s which luckily isn’t as complicated!

I am the first to say this house move has been seriously hard work! I have moved house before and whilst annoying they are easy – BUT – l have never moved a garden before and they are not easy! House plants moving – easy – endless soils – hard!

The rear garden here – is now clear except for the two larger 300 G water butts – which l will be moving out next week – one to Suze and one to me. These are big butts and l am just not leaving them here – we have left too much already so these are coming with us.

Sam was able to take loads from me from surplus soils, to bagged raw mulch, slat and baton woods, the wheelbarrows, the garden chest, compost and a load of other stuff. I have not placed a charge on it, but he’ll probably slip me a few quid – which will be a bonus – but if he didn’t, he still helped me out enormously by taking it all.

Whilst today the last worm bin was taken over, yesterday afternoon l was on my hands and knees painstakingly digging through the mulch bins for worms and bagging the mulch ready for our new gardens – it was one of the last rear garden jobs. I had three mulch bins and all this week l have been sorting through them – messy work – but it’s done now.

There are only a few actual plants left in ‘growth now’ and of the gallery above in the following order are … sweet potatoes looking to be transferred into a different containment system so that Suze and l can have a set each, Cape Gooseberry moving across with me next week, Fennel moving with me, Celery box moving to Suze, Horseradish coming to me, rhubarb going to Suze and the runner beans will be dug up in ten days time as they are now producing a crop and the celeriacs in the shot are coming to Suze and l, assorted patio plants mostly going to Suze although the strawberries are mine and the Tiny Tim toms l think are going to Suze.

The green beans system had to come down as they simply didn’t produce any crop, just a lot of leaf. We are still however pulling a crop from the garden – albeit perhaps small …. rhubarb, runner beans, cucumber, lemon courgette and tomato.

Slowly but surely, l am coming to the end of this mammoth undertaking – and in the next week or so -it’ll be over in so far as actual physical donkey work and l will be so pleased! It’s great to have lost just over a stone in weight, but l think there are way better and more pleasant ways than the way l achieved it to burn it off – and no, not yoga!

Till the next time, thanks for reading, catch you next episode.

Catch you in part 7.

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