Wanna Be In My Gang?

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Wanna Be In My Gang?

Everyone needs to belong ………… right?

I mean is that right? Do we need to belong to our own tribe of people or our own gang to exist? Do we need people to motivate and enthuse us? Do we truly need close friends? Do people really get lonely if they don’t belong to their ‘people?’ Do people truly get lonely or is that more to do with their personality? Can people make themselves lonely?

Do we need people to identify with in order for us to identify with ourselves? I mean not everyone is social to the point of cannot survive without having people in their daily lives …

Are there any benefits to group identity and social familiarity?

What do you think, what are your views?

Let me know below – cheers Rory

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36 thoughts on “Wanna Be In My Gang?

  1. I don’t think there is only one answer to this. Everyone, every situation is different, and people’s needs change as the get older. I am a very social person by nature, but more and more, I am finding I don’t really want to be around a lot of people any more.

    1. Hey Jeanne, an interesting point being raised – now as a social and l should also imagine gregarious person to boot – is it the pandemic that has made you feel this way or the lockdown’s forced isolation that made you rethink your sociality?

      1. Hey Rory. Actually it’s neither of those. I have never bought into all the hype of “COVID”. What has me rethinking sociality is people themselves and their attitudes. People today seem so rude, and the more “woke” they are, the more rude and intolerant they are as well. Everyone is so narcissistic today, and are only concerned about themselves. I miss the days when people actually cared about others and actually wanted to work together to build rather than to destroy.

        1. Hey Jeanne, well ‘well done you’ for even understanding ‘woke’ 🙂 The only true woke l know is that l awake every day and that must mean l woke up 🙂

          People’s rudeness is not a new thing that’s been around for many many years. I am 57 and when l was in my teens so the later 70’s and as a young adult in the 80-90’s l remember less rudeness.

          However when l really started to ha ha ‘wake up’ to the real rudeness was l guess the turn of the millenium. But l think that is not so much a societal issue but a demographic issue and the changes of a societies cultures as we age ourselves. We get older and we notice things more and the prolificness and freedom and speed that people express themselves with or don’t.

          I cannot systematically blame certain age groups because the pomposity and arrogance of rudeness is widespread between ages – although l have noticed young to middle aged aged adults born between the years 85 – 2005 and onwards seemingly do have a chip on their shoulder with regards the world.

          I know a few people in this bracket and they are always very unhappy and basically rude to others. But as said today it is no one age that is specifically rude – everyone is.

          1. Yep! You nailed it Rory. I am just a year behind you. I agree, there are rude people in all age groups, but I really agree that the bulk of it comes from the millenials and beyond. I am with you. I wake up to get our of a state of sleep or slumber. This whole “woke” culture” is a joke.

  2. Hi Rory, I would love to be in your gang as long as I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home to do it. I guess I’m more introverted than most people, having been a loner all my life while living in a family with seven kids and both parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and 72 first cousins all within walking distance. While they were all gathered in groups talking, laughing, playing — whatever, I was usually dreaming away my life sitting on the front porch swing. Started writing when I was four, wrote my first poem at five, and have read so many books I couldn’t find enough fingers and toes to count them on. Had a stint as folk singer a hundred years ago and could sing, play my guitar and entertain from a stage but never could relate closely to people. Still friends with people from first grade as long as we are writing, but face to face? Just doesn’t happen. Lockdown isn’t that big a deal as far as being isolated from people, just not very handy to have to wait and wait for items I need to become available and shipped to my home. So what the heck am I? Personally I think I’m from Venus and the rest of the world is from Mars, but I could have it completely backward. Hugs, Angela

    1. Hey Kentucky 🙂

      I am with you on that Angela – l prefer the company of loners on line 🙂

      I don’t mind a little interaction, but if that doesn’t happen, it worries me now and like you l welcomed lockdown with open arms 🙂

      1. Fantastic! I’ve finally found someone who understands this need or whatever else it is called to find some peace in my environment. Thanks my friend!

  3. I am a friendly, sociable person. I’ll chat with strangers in line or whatever. But crowds of people and their emotions bombard me. The energy and noise can be overwhelming, especially when I’m tired or having pain flares.

    I prefer my own company most of the time. I’m never really alone though, so I cant really say how I’d be if I truly lived alone.

    As for a “tribe”… it’s nice to have people to talk to (either in person or virtually) who “get it”, who understand what you mean… share similar values, experiences, problems, traits, etc.

    The other folks on WP with kiddos on the Spectrum help me so much!! It can be very lonely thinking you’re the only one going through something.

    Or like my Freedom Anniversary… Domestic Abuse feels shameful when you’re in the middle of it. “How could you let someone do that to you?” is a question that gets asked.

    So, yeah… having a tribe is helpful, but absolutely necessary??? I don’t think so. Not for me anyway. I adore the friends I have, and I would miss them terribly if I couldn’t communicate with them, but I wouldn’t have a complete breakdown without them.

  4. I have rarely felt like I fit in with any peers. I loved teaching because the students, for the most part, were kind and eager to learn from me. I need to talk to people who care about though. Be it on text, or the phone, or a zoom call, my need for my tribe can be met.

  5. I think group identification can be helpful with situating oneself in the world, whether or not social familiarity is seen as necessary or even desirable.

  6. Personally I’m not so social that I can’t leave without people around me…I think I’m very used to be only in 2, me and my hubby and occasionally other people…

  7. People need groups and labels because it gives them the illusion that they have some control in a chaotic, scary world. And it is logical ~ safety in numbers, right? No one wants to be alone when we encounter the bear in the woods. We just hope we can run faster than our friends. Or one friend anyway.

    But I like to be alone most of the time. Maybe I am the bear 🐻

  8. Maybe partly personality but it kinda depends on each person individually, and also maybe what’s in their life…

    For me? Currently I am in a phase of isolation… but whatever – that was before corona… I’m ok with it, I need that right now.

    But normally … I am extremely social… love laughing and socializing with amazing people!

    Sometimes people can bring that out, even now… but typically at this moment in time… I’m just quiet

    At home, I definitely like my peace and privacy and don’t like to be invaded… you can ease into it… and I’m ok with that… but if you come at me hard I will pull back hard.

    I have this neighbor guy currently… he has a wife so I don’t think he a threat but he is too much for me!! Kinda making me tense…

    Every time I get home he seems to be right here!! And he asking me about work 🤨 and all kinds of things – I don’t mind questions but I am just getting home and he jumps on it!!! 😮 granted I keep to myself so I dunno… I just want peace

    Also he walks around in his bathing suit which is an american flag just like one of my bikini’s – ok that suits done. I am not wearing that anymore!! Not being anyone’s twinsie! I loved that suit too! But no way!!

    And then his dog runs over to my house and I just get weird cause I really need my space and feel uncomfortable with some man walking around my house like that… where is your wife??

    He is too much… I am quiet – I am polite and say hello, chit chat for a minute … but I am uncomfortable.

    But I do need people and I am thankful for people.. my girlfriends are amazing ❤️ all my people I love are amazing ❤️❤️❤️ they are a few I just need in my life

    But you are also speaking to someone who moved around her whole life… so I am also used to making friends and losing them when moved.

    I usually keep my people somehow? My Facebook keeps all my people

    I would be in your gang totally! I can still be me right? 😘✌️

  9. We are having quite the issue with “tribalism” here in the states, as the world well knows. But I DO want to be in your gang, Rory! 🙂

    1. Hey Laurie – l know what you mean it’s frightening – l have been watching it unfold and shake my head in sad dismay.

      On the other thing good to know 🙂

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