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Sunday 12th July 2020
New Season 12 – Series 8

You know, l just felt like l needed my own Morning Guest Star for today … just to remind me that l am nearly reaching my goal and it’ll not be long before l am there!

In the meanwhile l wish you all a totally Shexy Sean Connery Shunday – yes that’s why l named it the way l did .”Morning Moneypenny” and if you listen Sean has a way at times or did of putting a spin of an H in the oddest of places and words!

Coming Soon …


We have the following Kick Starts planned in ….

Ribana of Popsicle Society
Sunday 12th – Boney M Hits
John of Willing Yourself to Win
Monday 13th – Lady Antebellum
Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line
Tuesday 14th – Alice Cooper
Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude
Wednesday 15th – The Beatles
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
Thursday 16th – Deep Purple
Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian
Friday 17th – Forgotten Oldies
Saturday 18th

Ribana of Popsicle Society loves the groovin’ tunes of Boney M – so let’s not waste any more of Sunday writing about it – but Kick Start the day – have yourself a totally Shexy Sunday Ribana!!

Let me know your top five tracks that would set you up right for the day below in the comments.

Have a terrific day everyone!

Another busy day today and in truth – this next week from this Sunday all the way through till the 17th is going to be hard graft! Today l have unpacking and moving soils and then later on more deconstruction of the garden here! No rest for the wicked! Anyway folks – have a great day! Catch you soon!

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