Dear Blog – 21.55 – 11/07/20

Day 11 of Moving Madness!

A Huge Dent Indeed!

This time next week – [in theory] – Suze and l ‘should’ be living in our new respective properties in Sholden and Sandwich. On the 17th the large furnishings will be removed from the house we share and moved to our rentals. All going well, at that point as in the 18th July this house will be empty and the only things awaiting removal will be miscellaneous gardening bits including plants and quite possibly even more soils.

All this week, car journeys from Kingsdown to Sholden and Sandwich have been an ongoing performance. I have been to Sandwich more with ‘worm farm soils’ and a few boxes.

Today we had the additional help of Tom and Sarah friends of Suze mostly, but new friends to me too and we were able to between the two cars make a huge dent in the boxes we had here in the house still. Suze has more stuff than me and because she has been working full time was only able to pack up in the evenings and although she was able to give me lifts to Sandwich during her lunch break, she hasn’t been able to get lots of her packing done.

But as said, today from the time we started the day which was around 6am we worked solidly till 7pm tooing and froing between the three properties moving boxes. Equally Tom, is a decorator and was painting Suze’s kitchen [magnolia], tomorrow he refreshes the gardenia paint work in my own kitchen and does a couple of other tidying up jobs much needed.

The help today from Tom and Sarah was a huge help, and has made a really big hole in the boxes we had here which numbered close on to 50. Now with the small amount of packing left, which perhaps amounts to 20 boxes between us, we can easily achieve the transfer of those to our new properties this week.

Suze is off on a week’s worth of holiday from the 20th which is the start to the final phase of the wind down to this property. We are to be out and away by the Friday 31st. In the period of time from the 20th to 31st Tom will be repairing the damage to the walls, painting where required and carrying out some miscellaneous tasks, the gardeners will be in with an end of tenancy tidy and trim up, the carpet cleaners are to be here as well and there will be a lot of deep cleaning ongoing.

The landlord is being a little awkward admittedly she wants to have the electrician in to carry out an electrical test which requires all electrics to be off for 8 hours which is proving very annoying – she wants the Lecky in this coming week, [she has had 12 years to do this urgent job – but ….] we have said it’s not convenient and suggested next week .. but she is adamant it must be this week when Suze is still officially working. I have told the landlord repeatedly that next week is the right time … but she is now led purely by greed and doesn’t care what anyone says – so l am now simply ignoring all communications from her.

I can’t help but realise the irony of all this work Suze and l are carrying out for end of tenancy which financially having sat down and worked it out is going to cost close onto £1500 just so we can get our £1350 deposit back. It’s so wrong – the house we took on board looked like a bomb had gone off in it, it was an absolute wreck – the house we leave has now been sold and with the items we have left we not only don’t get any credit but not even thanks – but if we don’t do the work, we could lose both the deposit and be charged even more.

Oh well, it is what it is.

The garden here is breaking down slowly and tomorrow afternoon when l return from Sandwich from my early 8am – 2pm shift to tidy up and start to unpack boxes l will be working again in the garden to break down even more.

Tomorrow morning, l will be taking across the last of the worm farm and potting soils, so at least that will be done and this next week will be the final push on a lot of the soil removal – but you’ll see all of that in the respective series both new, old and current alike.

The last few days, l have been almost dead on my feet, we are both tired .. but l have muscles developing in parts of my body l didn’t know had muscles to develop in the first place!!

I have not been able to do much in blog for the last few weeks except run smaller posts and series as l simply haven’t had the energy to … so l will be glad when this is all over as l really need a break to recover and recoup some of my balance and wellbeing as l am starting to really feel the strain of everything that has been happening for the last few months or since this all began back in April.

I am also grateful that my new garden whilst really lovely ……………… is much smaller and more manageable! But more importantly, l am looking forwards to walking in the mornings again something l haven’t been able to enjoy properly or relax with since the 31st May when l was able to walk with regularity and frequency! I just haven’t had the time and when l have had the time, l haven’t had the energy or the weather has been seriously bad!

But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and we are nearly there and l’ll keep you updated, however for the time being … thanks for reading, catch you later!

25 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 21.55 – 11/07/20

    1. Yes very much so. I think the biggest problem is that there is sooooooooooo much stress now and combined with the landlord’s new request l am getting ready to bury her under the patio!

      I did write back to your response to my email 🙂

      1. I know the feeling. But as you’re moving gradually, you can setup your rooms and furniture as you go along. There won’t be a lot of work at the end.

  1. Moving is a chore that no one enjoys. You have worked so hard for so long. I know you will enjoy your new abode because you will be able settle in with less stress than moving out. Take deep breaths and keep looking forward to the new possibilities.

      1. I am in the purging process. Hoping in a year or so to move to a smaller house. I hope to rid myself of at least half of all I own. As they say, you spend the first half of your life collecting things and the last half getting rid of them.

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