The Curious Case Of ….

The Curious Case Of ….

….. Curiosity Itself!

How curious are you as a person? Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two ….

Welcome to The Curious Case Of – a new series starting next week. This is the Episode 1.

Naturally l am very curious as a person and l am very curious about all sorts of things – l am astutely fascinated with facts and opinions and tidbits like a Pub Quiz Master on the look out for trivia for the next challenge. I love asking questions from all genres and arenas and areas of life covering many topics that l am actively curious and fascinated with alike.

There are a few definitions of curious you know? It can mean eager to learn about something different or new equally as it can mean that you might be perceived as a little strange or curious behaviour and looking!

I have always been curious, and loved learning and acquiring new information on absolutely anything – l am eager to learn all the time and absorb information continuously.

But not everyone is curious like me …. Sam next door as an example was speaking to me on Tuesday and he wanted to know about his landlord and asked me if l knew him? Sam like Suze and l rent these houses here – whilst Suze and l know our own landlord, we don’t know Sams. I suggested that he did a, b, c and d as ideas. Sam looked at me and said “See that’s the thing Rory, l would never have done those things because l am not a curious person.” I was a little surprised at this and answered with “It’s not really curiosity Sam when you want to find out stuff surely?” “Well it is if you are not curious like l am not.”

I found this conversation incredibly baffling in truth? If people don’t ask questions how do they learn or even find out about things?

So this series looks at the curiousness of life and questions it …

Now, here are the first questions …. How curious are you? If you are not a curious as a person … why not? If you are, what do you love about curiosity? Finally, do you consider there to be a huge difference between a curious person and a nosey parker?

15 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of ….

  1. For the most part, I’m not curious about people, because I don’t care about people sufficiently to be curious. I am very curious, though, about the kind of things you might look up on Wikipedia, and I was very happy when smartphones came along because I could look things up on the spot rather than waiting until later.

    1. I am more curious about people’s behaviour than the people themselves and yes, l am able to feed my insane quest for curiosity with Google too , it’s great isn’t it 🙂

  2. I am and always have been curious. In more ways than one, but usually to gain knowledge. I am not by nature nosey. However, people seem to like to tell me their whole life story, and I don’t know why.

  3. I love learning new things. Any and all subjects. Being able to instantly Goigle something is awesome!! My curiosity is never totally satisfied. I want to know… EVERYTHING.😁

    There is a HUGE difference between curiosity and a Nosey Parker. A Nosey Parker usually wants to know all the negative things about others so they can feel superior or so they can spread it around to get attention. 😠

  4. I am extremely curious. I feel a thrill when I learn something new. It has always made me feel good when I get that YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY feeling. Being nosey is to me means that you want to know something that is none of your business. I never heard the term Nosey Parker before. I guess I just learned something new.

  5. Hmm… well I am curious about stuff that catches my attention.

    Currently I am quiet and keep to self. Just want the peace lol ✌️

    My girlfriend has to talk to everyone and ask everything Oh my god! Lol

    Yeah no… that’s not me lol

    I will ask things as they hit me, I guess – if you make me curious ✌️

    I don’t mind questions. It is how you learn things.

    Curious asking out of curiosity … but nosey Nelly asking to know everything ✌️slight difference

    1. Nosey Nelly excellent another spin …. we have my Nosey Parker, Lauren’s Nosey Britches and now yours – building quite the collection 🙂

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