It’s A Mad World, Right?

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It’s A Mad World, Right?

Was the world ever really easy to live in? I was lying in bed the other day and thinking back to the various stages in my life as a youngster, to a teenager, a young adult, an adult, a married adult, a father, a brother, a son, a lover, a partner, a colleague, a career man, a student and the list of alternative identities goes on and on.

With each lifestyle, with each emotion and with each behaviour as well as with each life from the time of cognitively understanding what was expected of me to what l expected from others or the world or the journey and or my path that l decided to walk or trek upon did l ever expect life to be easy?

Was my life easy, easier or easiest at any one point?

No, not really … my life has been hard, but in comparison to someone else whose life has been harder, my life will be seen and read as easier than theirs .. and yet that’s not entirely true either is it?

It is, and it isn’t – because everyone’s life is different to the next person, it’s a different pair of shoes – the stress of one person, the struggles of another, the uphill context of someone else is all individually reflective upon the person, the environment, the climate of life, the hows, whats and if’s of each person.

I haven’t asked and written this question as religious, racial, sexual, political – there is no hidden agenda to it – it’s not about privilege although the very nature of asking might be interpreted as such by some readers … it’s a question about you, the reader and how you feel about our mad world and how you are in it as an objective and clinical outsider to a general question.

All questions are general, they are just questions with words and sentences , paragraphs and grammar – the emotion is down to each individual’s interpretation as in how they ask the question to themselves first – think on it and the content – then think if they can answer it from any perspective of their life and journey and experiences to date – then the reactive emotion sets in and that – well that could be anything – but it will be reflective upon the individual and their life.

So today’s question is ….

“We live in a demanding and expectant world – it demands from us each and every day and expects us to accept broadly and blindly and we must move at a certain pace otherwise we are left behind to rot away and gather dust on the shelf and or much worse. We can be branded ancient, antiquated and backward in our thinking or lack of progressive thinking and thoughts or much worse – so How difficult do you find it to live in today’s demanding and expecting world?”

How you personally interpret that question is reflective upon your journeys through life from the time you started on the trek of comprehension to where you sit today reading this question in my blog.

Let me know below – cheers Rory

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26 thoughts on “It’s A Mad World, Right?

  1. Thinking of the stories my Grandma told of living on a farm in the middle of nowhere during the Great Depression, life was much simpler then, but it was extremely hard work. Simpler, but by no means easier.

    1. So in comparison to now? Neither you and l were alive during the Great Depression and of course your Grandmother wasn’t wrong life was simpler but way harder than today for sure.

  2. Most of my demands are self-imposed. The “world” demands that I support myself and pay my bills, which I can do and have been doing for a long time. But the rest of it, the pressure to write, to read, to blog, to engage with friends on FB and in chat, to play online games with these friends, to keep my home looking spotless, to obsess about weight control… all those things I do to myself. I could relax my own demands on myself and still meet my main obligations. I would never give up family time, but that’s a very small percentage of my weekly workload. I wish I could have more of that anyway…

  3. That’s a huge question, Rory. I keep thinking it should easier to face life’s challenges with greater life experience, but the unknown is difficult to deal with and now we’re all in uncharted waters.

    1. Hey Chris, very true – the world is changing and the maps as we knew them to be are no longer charted and correct – nice way to view it. I agree the world has become more and more difficult to navigate.

  4. How difficult do you find it to live in today’s demanding and expecting world?” I’m finding it more and more difficult, the older I get and the worse (as I see things anyway) things get. My depression is out of control and I often think of suicide because of that depression. I can’t find much joy nor light right now, so I’m taking it a day at a time and keeping as upbeat as I can to avoid worsening of the depression. Some days are better than others too.

    1. Hey Melanie, well l am always sorry to read of another’s depression – is it the world in general that is causing this, specific moments or just a general combination of shittiness?

  5. The world has definitely gotten “madder”. In many ways. Everyone today is constantly on edge and they are looking for reasons to be mad. People today have no backbone and no work ethic. They are spoiled, pampered and entitled. They want everything handed to them, and preferably on a silver platter. They don’t want to work for anything. They want to take it from everyone else. To many people think about “I” and not enough people think about “We”. So yes, we do live in a mad, mad world, and it is only getting worse, not better.

  6. I don’t find the world of today any more difficult than at any other time. I think it’s mostly because I have found my balance. Sure, there are some days that are harder than others, but I’m content.

    I can’t change the world. I can only do my small part in my small ways and hope it ripples out.

    I’m not afraid of anything, I’ve already been knocked down (several times) extremely hard and low and gotten myself back up… I can do it again if I have to. I can survive and better yet, I can thrive on simple pleasures and my own company.

    Letting go of fear, letting go of the illusion of control, just letting go…

    I plan to keep dancing and laughing and having adventures every day as long as I’m living!💃🏼

    1. So the world of Grandma is no different to the world of Ma and no different to the world young Angie or am l being too literal 🙂

      1. The world has changed, but so have I. There have always been problems, I’ve gotten better at dealing with them.
        2020 has been a difficult year, but not the most difficult I’ve personally had. I could name a few that were much, much worse for me.

        1. Okay, now looking at the world in general how would you class the life itself? Would you say life is easier now or was it easier back aday or is it in your eyes ‘balance’ or not the same – of course the world has changed .. but do you find it easier or harder to keep up with at times? Do you absorb the world, or absorb what you need to and passively ignore the rest till you need to take note?

          1. I dont know if the world is necessarily worse. We have access to more information about more thing faster than we ever did. But does more bad news mean things are worse or just that we know about more?

            I keep up with the general state of things. I chose a few, selected sites and read. But day to day, my focus is pretty narrow. I cant focus broadly, it’s too painful for me. I have to shield myself.

            I think the constant bombardment of “news” is affecting people’s mental health. Social Media is giving people a false idea of how life should be lived. And in America (probably UK too) people are under the impression that they deserve everything they want just because. And they blame immigrants for “stealing” the things they’re entitled to. Politics feeds on this.

            The world isn’t any worse, just different.

            Sorry if this isnt quite answering… I’m trying to type this in between demands from HRH… who is VERY impatient 🙄

          2. I think the constant bombardment of “news” is affecting people’s mental health. Social Media is giving people a false idea of how life should be lived. And in America (probably UK too) people are under the impression that they deserve everything they want just because. And they blame immigrants for “stealing” the things they’re entitled to. Politics feeds on this.

            This is a very interesting answer and one l may probe further into in the future as a discussion point 🙂

            Thank you

  7. When someone calls me “old fashion” I take it as a compliment and say thank you even though they didn’t mean it that way.

  8. I guess living in a rural area kinda isolates us a bit. It’s bizarre I’m very techie but I find the pace and volume of data/chatter too much. It doesn’t fit with my new attempt to simply my life.

  9. With Covid making an appearance the hectic pace here has slowed down. And I love it. It gives people more time to connect. Allows family and friends time to be together. Where once I would be caught up in the hectic day to day pace now I am so chill. Yes I go to work. Yes I talk to people. But there are so many things I have no control over that worrying about them is senseless. So essentially my response is slow down and if the world speeds forward you are not missing anything they are… least that is how I see it. 🙂

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