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Brian May By Raph_PH

Brian Harold May, CBE ARCS (born 19 July 1947) is an English musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and astrophysicist. He is the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen.

May was a co-founder of Queen with lead singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor, having previously performed with Taylor in the band Smile, which he had joined while he was at university. Within five years of their formation in 1970 and the recruitment of bass player John Deacon completing the lineup, Queen had become one of the biggest rock bands in the world with the success of the album A Night at the Opera and its single “Bohemian Rhapsody”. From the mid-1970s until the early 1990s, Queen were an almost constant presence in the UK charts and played some of the biggest venues in the world, including giving an acclaimed performance at Live Aid in 1985. As a member of Queen, May became regarded as a virtuoso musician and he was identified with a distinctive sound created through his layered guitar work, often using a home-built electric guitar called the Red Special. May wrote numerous hits for Queen, including “We Will Rock You”, “I Want It All”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “Flash”, “Hammer to Fall”, “Save Me”, “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “The Show Must Go On”.

Following the death of Mercury in 1991, aside from the 1992 tribute concert, the release of Made in Heaven (1995) and the 1997 tribute single to Mercury, “No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)” (written by May), Queen were put on hiatus for several years but were eventually reconvened by May and Taylor for further performances featuring other vocalists. In 2005, a Planet Rock poll saw May voted the seventh-greatest guitarist of all time. He was ranked at No. 26 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. In 2012, he was ranked the second greatest guitarist in a Guitar World magazine readers poll. In 2001, May was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Queen and in 2018 the band received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

I am dedicating this mini series The Guitar Talkers to Di of Pensitivity 101 on account of an answer she gave to Question [1] of the July episode of 12 Bloggerz

Do you think the music you personally listen to [as in your favourite artists over just generalised commercial listening] suit and reflect your true personality?

I don’t listen to music very much these days, though Hubby has some interesting tracks he’s put together which I like. I like ballads, strings, good harmonies and anyone who can make a guitar ‘talk’ (Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Pete Townshend, Hank Marvin to name a few). I play stuff from the old musicals as I can express myself in those, so I guess that reflects my personality.


It was the above quote and especially the highlighted section that made me think “Let’s do that then!” So whilst the series is principally dedicated to Di in celebration of the marvelous guitarists that can indeed make their instruments tell a story all by themselves if any one else is a keen enthusiast for fancy strumming – let me know below and you’ll be listed in the introduction to the next episode and fans of this series of 15 too.

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Here are in my opinion Brian May’s Top 7 Guitar Solos! What about you? Fan or not? Best solos in your eyes would be?

Killer Queen – 1974
Bohemian Rhapsody – 1979
Millionaire Waltz – 1976
Stone Cold Crazy – 1974
Tie Your Mother Down – 1976
Brighton Rock – 1974
We Will Rock You – 1977

So they are my personal Top 7 – what are yours?


So there we go folks – Brian May – The Guitar Talker 1# – Fan or Not?

15 thoughts on “Theme Times – The Guitar Talkers 1#

  1. An astrophysicist too? Dang! Very talented!! Freddie was so talented that Brian didnt get the credit he deserved.

    Looking forward to seeing who else you’ve got lined up. Jimi & Jimmy… Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, B.B. King…🤔🎸

  2. Wow Rory. Thank you so much. I’m really chuffed!!
    Days of our Lives makes me cry every time. He is wonderful and definitely one of the best.

  3. I know Queen is a good band..Aren’t they even physicians too.?…though I’m simply not capable of being so much as even the least bit interested in them

    1. Everyone is capable Larry – it’s not a capability it’s a preference, your preference is not for Queen. When l was younger l couldn’t stand Queen, and even today whilst l enjoy certain songs and l remember them the first time around – but l only appreciate the songs now forty plus years later. If l had to list favourite bands top ten, Queen would not be in the top ten 🙂

      It’s a prefrence my friend – and yours are not geared towards Queen 🙂

      1. ‘Need Your Lovin Tonight’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ are good and enjoyable. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is hep comedy. That’s about as much as I can handle. Besides that, ‘Fun It’ is such a frightfully odd title

  4. The Dr is a genius. Never seen him live. Has a style to his own and is a true thinker as well. My list could go for pages, but keeping it to a few. David Gilmore, Rory Gallagher, Walter Trout (his recent fight back from near death is astonishing), Jimmy Page, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Perry, Gary Moore, Leslie West.

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