Hello, My “Nick”Name is … ?

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Hello, My “Nick”Name is … ?

Hello ………. okay – we all personally know our own names even if in WordPress we don’t always know your real names – but what about our nicknames for each other, or for you by others … what about them?

These days l don’t specifically have a nickname with Suze although when we first started dating l was sometimes referred to by her as The Nutty Professor on account of my scruffy appearance, unkempt hair and abstractiveness in thought. [When we first started dating l was mostly a recluse] and she was my Wild Rose – although they were not specifically nicknames. These days either one of us is mostly ‘Babes’ again not a nickname.

When younger my parent’s nickname for me was Snagglepuss on account of my loving the cartoon and constantly muttering favourited quotes like ‘”Heavens to Murgatroyd!” and Exit, stage left and so on.

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma and l share nicknames l call her Grandma or GM and she calls me JB, and only a few know why, although her nickname is derived from her blog name. I call Suzanne of Ellie894 Tex on account of her living in Texas …. however these are ones you may have seen floating around in my blog. But how about you, what nickname are you known by and by whom?

Let me know below – thanks Rory

27 thoughts on “Hello, My “Nick”Name is … ?

  1. Other than my father calling me Gypsy, which no one else ever did, I have never had a nickname! And no, no one has ever called me Gracie and lived.

  2. Aside from the ones you mentioned, Dream Walden and I call each other “Kookaburra Friend” and my mother calls me Lucy as in “Lucy, I’m home” from I Love Lucy… long story.
    She used to call me Sarah for Sarah Bernhardt when she thought I was being dramatic.

    My Older Daughter is PPITA for Princess Pain In The Ass

    Younger is Pooh B, short for Pooh Bear

    Ben is Mr Bootyhead, Babylove, BooBoo and various other things like Benbob Crazypants or Spazzy McSpazatron… you get the idea

  3. My nickname AKA CB handle (yes, I am that old) used to be Brown Eyed Beauty… now I proudly wear “Grandma”!

    1. Breaker breaker for you it is then Lisa – now give me some more artists you like to hear and l’ll dedicate a Hello to you one day next week 🙂

        1. Hey Lisa 🙂

          1979? Only that year? Why that year and not also 78 or 80? I can of course feature that for a Hello 🙂

          But l also meant long term if you are able to provide more favourites then l can randomly create dedications for you, check out this link and scroll down to your name in the table 🙂


          You’ll see entries for the 50’s and 60’s but with no specifics – if you give me a bit more detail l can create more 🙂

  4. Meh … nicknames lol

    My family calls me Patty 😝 They think is adorable 🤨 … maybe when I was 5, sure! I do not like it now. It makes me feel 5!

    My girlfriend calls me Pollyanna… but that’s only because I won’t date anyone and she doesn’t understand that. Also I don’t do bad things ever lol … I am too cautious.

    My grandfather used to call me sweetheart ❤️ that one I love – it’s makes me feel safe and warm … but not just anyone is allowed to call me that. I have one guy friend who always calls me that… I allow it because he is a New Yorker so you just have to understand that lol

    My wordpress name is Omatra7… because is a mix of my names and also because my birthday is all 7’s

    The nickname I just go by in real life is “Trisha”

    I hate my real name even if is not much of a difference – I hate when people use my name proper!!! Lol

    My proper name is Patricia 😝😝😝😝 yuck!! Sorry if you love it or is someone’s name … it makes me think of an old lady … and I don’t care that I am and will be … I just don’t like it… it’s like ancient archaic

    I also think of the SNL skit from the 70’s/80’s with “Pat” so yeah I’m good

    Don’t call me Pat either – I am named after my mother… she always went by Pat lol …

    When I was in school and rebellious lol… we had the same name… i once ditched school and they called and asked for blah blah blah… well that is my name too, and I have a phone type voice – so I said this is her, yes she will be out today lol 😄✌️

    Yes I did pull shit once lol ✌️😄 I got that out of my system as a teen lol … but it rocked back then having same name lol

    1. I never had you pegged as a Patricia – it is such an aged name l agree with you but l knew you to be rebellious and not just in school Omatra – it’s a great quality to have as it opposes conventional 🙂

      1. Lol… well I am half and half maybe? I have things that are conventional about me… but I also have a fire with what I believe in and my passions.

        I know … ughhh that name!! And it’s funny cause I don’t mind Trisha… I just can’t stand any of the other variations of it or the name itself!

        Although 🤨 Irish people tend to go with their Irish names and Patricia was a very popular name here among the Irish population… when I was back East where the Irish were more prevalent … I had 3 people with not only my name, but also my last name 🤨 … we had to give middle names and date of birth to clarify which one 🤨 that is REALLY annoying lol

        And my family… my mom wanted Patricia because it is her name… the rest of them wanted that nickname Patty to go with my last name and they all think is delightful 🤨 it is not!!! Because of that, I have heard every single Irish joke known to man kind 🤨😄✌️

        1. That is the thing about the Irish and names my Father was known as Brian, but he was actually Patrick Brian, and everyone was called Patrick and he hated the nickname of Paddy – so he only used Brian. His sister is a Colette and another is Noreen very popular and Irish names … so l know what you mean 🙂

        2. My brother is Brian lol ❤️
          My sister is Katie lol

          One who sticks out in my family thought is my dad… everyone else has massively Irish names lol…

          But my dad has an Italian name and we have ZERO Italian lol … his name was Anthony with an Irish last name – he got jokes too … what’s an Irish man doing with an Italian name lol

          But when I did genealogy… it was a name that went back into Ireland 😮 with other ancestors of the direct line 😮

          Just interesting

        3. Oh very much so … my father also studied the genealogy of the name Matier – the way l pronounce the name Matier now is the French Hugoumont spelling which is the ancestory of our family name … and it is pronounced as a Mateeer over the Irish Matiah. Dad didn’t like the Irish way to say it.

        4. 😄😄😄 Irish people are funny … my grandfathers parents were first generation here on his side… I never met them… but he was all Irish all the time and proud of it lol 🇮🇪 he sang Irish songs, used Irish sayings … it’s was just everything Irish all the time… and give him a chance to speak about the Irish and he was off and running lol

          He used to have me help him write letters to family in Ireland (only because my handwriting is pretty)… but I do not know them. I saw a picture once. But I wouldn’t recognize them now.

          My brother is also very Irish proud, I am too… lol … but to see me and then that name… you can’t mistake it… I couldn’t blend it because it sticks out so intensely 🤨so that was my thing … I don’t like standing out with things but it happens 🤨 it’s like my life lol

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