366 Days of Gardening! E41 – W27

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“The Joys of Naked Gardening and ….

….Time to Get Your Cloves Off!!”

Part 5

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E41 – W27

Introduction …

You know there is always some fun to be had by dirty minded folks like me or should l say dirty kneed or is it just dirty needs – but gardeners and gardening is filled with lots of get down and dirty bawdy humour and on your knees fun! Today’s episode is a little like that …….. well ish – if you stretch the ‘like that’ from here to Melbourne!

BUT, dirty minded on your knees in the dirt and behind or even in the bush gardeners would understand that all too well!! You don’t have to take your clothes off ….

Always makes me think of this ….

…….. but in order to get Garlic Naked …. it’s a cloves out of the way situation!

I have been exceedingly busy for the last few weeks and since Monday l have been busy working two gardens as in the one here where Suze and l live, the new house’s garden in Sandwich and tomorrow l will be starting work on/in Suze’s garden in Sholden – so it’ll be official l will be working three gardens and their various needs before the end of this week!

It’s all starting to get very concerning and busy …. on the 17th July – the furniture moves out and whilst that is a landmark moment, the garden here is still a fair way from being finalised and NOT helped by today’s rainfall. Most of the plant life is in the throes of deconstruction but the biggest issue is transporting the soils around as that takes considerable time.

Everything else is running to plan – l just think it is unnavoidable to not have this adrenalised nervous energy coursing through your body with everything going on. I am draining all my natural reserves in strength to get it all done and as l wrote not long back … the task is to simply not give in to the ever present tiredness!

I could do with a really great massage with oils at this present time followed by a long hot shower and a freezing cold dip in ice and another hot shower and then walk around the world naked myself for a few hours just to get my body back in shape ………. however the reality is … “Rory ‘go to bed early, sleep well, get up early, hot shower and start again!’

57 isn’t old – but it’s older than 50 and way older than 45!

I will be starting the new series The Dug Out’s Secret Garden very soon as l am making some great headway with the new garden … l will write about that and introduce the series sometime this week … maybe if l can!

Lisa of Lismore Paper and l will be working on a new bawdy tee shirt garden collection this winter – so look out for those!


2020 garlic Harvest hung to dry.

Yesterday when l got back, as the weather was still dry and warm but overcast [great harvesting weather], l started again in the home garden and the task of the day was to dig up the garlic, empty the bed and hang the garlic up to dry. Which as you can see above is what the garlic is now doing inside the greenhouse. If you are not a garlic fan, you would hate the smell in there – but both Suze and l are huge fans of recipes with garlic so it doesn’t bother us and fills us with joy!

Crop prior to being pulled.

There are natural properties to garlic that ward off not just vampires but pests too and so the scent within the smaller environment should help deter the visiting aphids and white fly whom have appeared very interested in the peppers growing there.

Pulled off and out harvest.

You may recall last year when l planted these into the bed, it was early November ready for a summer harvest. Yesterday was about right, some growers may suggest leaving the bulbs in for longer and they too would be right. The actual harvest for Autumn sown garlic for a summer yield is .. from June to August, so July is a real middler.

The garlic raised bed was the last bed to be dug out and dismantled so l am pleased that finally has been achieved.

Now there is just one long ground sheet covering up close to 80 bags of soil.

It’s a crop that Suzanne and l will be both growing again individually. This crop had only a few injuries during the growing season … l planted out a total of 24 bulbs – 8 of which were elephant garlic and of the 24 bulbs planted out, l lost 2 Provence Wights and 1 Elephant and 1 Vallelado Wight – so all in 4 lost during the months of December to March, and then something dug out and damaged two additional bulbs of the Provence, most likely a fox. The final harvest crop was 18 bulbs.

In terms of what is left to be dug out and bagged up, the quantity of pots is slowly going down ……… slowly!

There are 7 main containments here that require emptying off and then throughout the rest of the garden perhaps a scattered handful of maybe 8 more ….. so 15 assorted pots to be emptie8 out which l hope to have finalised by next mid week.

I guess we will have to see ………. but as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Till the next time, thanks for reading, catch you next episode.

Catch you in part 6.

15 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E41 – W27

  1. I woke up with aching hips this morning. No clue why. I’m 5 years younger and feel 15 years older! (in my body… my mind refuses to accept obvious facts)

    Looking forward to those tshirts 😉

    1. Hi Piglet – sorry for delay in responding – am in the process of moving house.

      Last question answered first. Garlic was planted last November.

      Mostly we grow vegetables in raised beds and of the few vegetables grown in containers there have been many challenges this season especially – environmental and climatic – with the inter changing weathers from wet to warm and humid to cold and windy and dry we have seen an increase in more pests most noted black and green fly and aphid. Snails are a big problem for us here and so trying to hunt those buggers down can become an almost nightly chore, not many problems with slugs although l have noticed an increase in the numbers of leopard slugs which is not a problem as they hunt down normal slugs.

      This coming season will in fact become more of a container vegetable growing season – so l will be discussing container vegetable and herb growing there and that will cover all sorts of issues and topics 🙂

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