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There is WAY too much choice in this world – l want things simpler – simple – that doesn’t make me simple – it literally just means l want things simpler – simples!!

Rory Matier


“Stay low, stay quiet, keep it simple, don’t expect too much, enjoy what you have.”

Dean Koontz

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16 thoughts on “Random Quotes 544#

    1. Sadly you are right, life is anything but simple, but some things are simple, and yet some people take simple things and complicate them – some could say this response is such a thing ha ha 🙂

  1. Nice song! I like it simple too – life is only hard if you make it…

    I am guilty of that also lol ✌️… I do stress over things

    But for most part I enjoy life’s simple pleasures and do consider myself lucky 🍀

  2. Yep, “K.I.S.S.” Keep It Simple, Stupid.
    I’ve never understood why simple things get turned into big productions. Too many Catch-22 situations🤯

  3. Simple is good…
    Do you have any idea how many varieties of canned baked beans there are out there today??? 😊

    1. No ……….. is this a 1] hobby of yours to know such things … 2] a strange past time or 3] a bizarre fetish – either way come on as they say Suzanne, time to spill the beans!! 🙂

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