Game Day – What’s Your Story Then?

Series 2 – Game 3 – 07th July 2020


Word Story – What’s Your Story Then? Created by A Guy Called Bloke

Writing Prompt Game

Word Story

What’s Your Story Then?

Word Story is simplicity itself … with a twist!

Below are 12 assorted letters – your creative role is to make words from those jumbled letters and insert them into a tale of no more than 200 words total on a provided topic … it really is that simple!

12 Letters see BelowTopic = The Pencil Pusher!

So to recap …. 12 jumbled letters from the alphabet. Create words from the 12 letters and insert those created words into a tale of your own making on the topic of The Pencil Pusher. Your tale is to be no longer than 200 words max.

This Game Awards …

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…to all participants!

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5 thoughts on “Game Day – What’s Your Story Then?

  1. That is too many letters to make too many words for a story to be less than 200 words, for someone who is wordy lol ✌️ – who shall remain nameless 👀

    1. Well, you can make as many words as you want but the tale needs to be only 200 words – that’s the challenge – l am also a wordy person and a long content writer – but the beauty is the challenge 🙂

  2. Lol… my friends give me crap because my text messages are novels lol … I just like to put it all there and not do a thousand texts lol ✌️ “boom” 💥 one shot lol

    I don’t believe I would do well in this challenge at all!!

    I do much better with your music challenges lol – those I am excited by!

    200 words huh? 😑😝 so little lol

    Maybe I try? But I don’t think that’s a good challenge for me lol

    I might attempt … I can’t promise… it might frustrate me which is why I hesitate lol ✌️

    1. Well l will see what you do and look forwards to it as l like to say to people, the best you can do is simply do your best with what you can do 🙂

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