The Thesis of Ma and Pa?

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The Thesis of Ma and Pa?

Ma, Pa, Mum, Dad, Mater, Pater, Pops and Mom, Mother or Father, Motha, Mama, Mommy or Mummy, Papa, Paps, Pappy or even Daddy! The list goes on – l call my Mother – Mum, l used to call my Father – Dad – although he hated that term and wanted me to call him Brian and yet expected my sister to call him Daddy Darling which she obliged him with and more so when she wanted money from him, otherwise it was simply Dad.

That is all they were to me from about the age of 11 they became Mum and Dad. In fact l think my Father forbade me to call my Mother – Mummy when l was around the 8 years old mark.

However, l cringe every time l hear children that l consider adults and from this l refer to young adults equally as much as aged adults call their parents by the term Mummy and Daddy. I think this should be left at the door by the age of around 12 years of age …. but that’s just me. Suze can’t stand her children calling her ‘Mummy’ and they are aged 36 and 40 and they only call her Mummy when they are being creepy and are after something but it drives her insane.

My ‘cousins’ on my Father’s side of which there are two – one is extremely high in the Military and is about 50’ish now maybe older refers to his Mother as Mother and Mum. But his sister also in her 50’s calls her Mother – Mummy. The Mother enjoys being called Mummy and classes any children who do not refer to their Mothers as Mummy as rude and yet cannot abide her children calling their Father Daddy, he can only be dad?

So my question here is this ……… which do you prefer to be called by your children and or what do you refer to your parents as if they are still with you? If your children call you a name that you don’t like do you tell them or ask them why they feel the need to call you the way they do?

Let me know your views and comments below

22 thoughts on “The Thesis of Ma and Pa?

  1. I don’t care. My children can do no wrong! Other people though? Bleh. I just like to be called Paula or UV (my old usenet nickname). No titles, no Ms, no “aunt” (ick). When i was in relationships I didn’t mind endearments

  2. Since becoming a grandmother, I am mostly referred to as “Nano” by my daughters and “Dadi” by my son. In Urdu, both mean grandma but we have different names for paternal and maternal grannys!

  3. A great question. My daughter calls me mom. I think mommy went by the wayside long ago. My grand kids call me Nana, which I love. My mom was always Mom. My mom became GG (great-grandma) when my grands kids came along. The anniversary of her passing is this month and it still pains me. Bio-dad, who I haven’t seen in years and years, is usually referred to as “he who will not be named.”

    1. “he who will not be named.” … reminds me of a book l read, mmm, what was it again V something maybe … Volde, Volda oh l don’t knw … but something like that 🙂

  4. Fun topic, never written on the concept! Hmmm, gets the wheels turning:)

  5. I’m mostly Mom… occasionally Mother or Mommy if there is a mood. Sometimes they call me Angie if I dont hear them saying Mom🤣🤣🤣 they’ve called me worse… oh boy, have they!!

    Ben, as everyone knows, calls me Gramma, sometimes Mommy or Mom by mistake.

    My mother is Mom or Mama Lady, my stepfather is Dad, my bio-father is his first name… no… I dont call him anything. Huh, just realized in my emails I just say “hello”, not “hello____”.

    I don’t really care what people call me. We do a LOT of nicknames, so I’ve been called all kinds of things. I don’t really like Angela though… it’s sounds snooty to me. Angie is more relaxed.

    Interesting question, JB!🤓💃🏼🤔

  6. I am now and always have been “Dad” to my kids. At least to my face. It’s possible that they call me “Asshole” behind my back. 😏

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