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Series 1 – Episode 12

If you ever see a crocodile poking its tongue out at you ‘snap’ a capture …. well sorry folks – that’s never going to happen – they just can’t do that! A Crocodile cannot stick its tongue out!
“Dude How Bee You Buzzing Today?!” If you hear that greeting from your neighbourly Apis dorsata laboriosa also known as the Himalayan Honey Bee you may well beelieve the bee’s not just buzzing but tripping and you may well bee right! The bee is the largest honey bee in the world and the honey is hallucinogenic and is collected for its magical properties!
Otzi – 5000 years old [above] is the oldest natural European mummy alive today [in dead history terms] – this mummy was found in September 1991 by Helmut and Erika Simon – buuut rather spookily and hints of an Iceman curse befell Helmut Simon!! He was found dead – frozen in ice on the same mountain range in 2004!
The Magpie is considered one of the most intelligent species in the world and the only non- mammal species that is able to not just see, but recognise itself in a reflective image – like that of a mirror!!
Baked beans …………… well, actually they are not baked – they are stewed! But Stewed Beans well that’s another story – more like a history lesson but Baked Beans are not baked – they are stewed – they used to be called Boston Beans on account of the pork within. But we cannot discuss porking beings in this series!

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28 thoughts on “Didja Kno

  1. Why can’t you discuss “porking beings’ in your series? O_o I didn’t know those things were stewed, but then ‘stewed beans’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as ‘baked beans’, does it? Although the ‘baked’ beans might take on another connotation, depending on one’s familiarity with certain greens of the Mother Nature kind… 😆
    I did not know crocodiles (and I suppose alligators too) can’t stick out their tongues…huh?! That’s very interesting. And magpies might be the most intelligent of birds, but they’re also the most annoying creature I’ve ever personally encountered, save for mankind. They fly around here, sh*tting on everything and squawking and if one throws a stone at them or goes out and even yells loudly at them to make them leave? They just make louder noise. Apparently magpies (besides mankind) are the only birds to hold grudges too… who knew? Thanks for the education Rory!! 🙂

    1. Hey Melanie, always a pleasure l should have written porkin beans not for this episode the next Didja Kno will be a bit more …. interesting 🙂

  2. I didn’t know! Except for the baked beans. The ones you buy in the store are stewed I guess but the baked beans I make at home are really baked. That’s what makes them so good. Bacon and onions sautéed. Then add the navy beans, molasses, brown sugar and ketchup. Put them in a cast iron skillet and bake them for an hour. So….yep 😊

  3. I didn’t know none of those things. I feel so much more smarter now🤪😂

    Um… you wouldn’t happen to have any of that honey, would you? Asking for a friend.😉🤣🤣

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