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I would love to meet the genius who placed the word ‘sensitive’ onto so called sensitive razors!!

Note to self: Next time you DO want to look like you have shaved using a porcupine wrapped in barbed wire – use sensitive razors!!

Rory Matier 2012


If you don’t mind smelling like peanut butter for two or three days, peanut butter is darn good shaving cream.

Barry Goldwater

12 thoughts on “Random Quotes 543#

  1. lol awww … what brand of razors 🪒 do you have over there? Our main ones are Gillette and Big 🤨 … I only like Gillette

    I use the mans razor cause your man stuff is cheaper lol… and plus I hate the big giant ??? I don’t even know what is… on the top of the woman’s razor 🤨 …just gimme a regular normal razor!! I don’t have time for frilly stuff when shaving!!

    Also I know these things, I cause I shave a lot more stuff than you do lol – I am so sure of it! 😄✌️

    Use Gillette if you have that… they are awesome!

    You probably don’t have that over there though – you probably have your own companies ??

    Just adding 2 ¢ though 😘✌️

    1. No we have Gillette as well – it’s sensitive skin razors that are the biggest issues l use for dry shaving Gillette shaver and for wet shave something else these days but back then shaving tore my face to pieces.

      1. Oh nice!! I will only use Gillette, I like the Mach 5? I think it is 5… they have many… I only use wet, in the shower… it never ever slices me, and it’s comfortable to use… I never worry even in those “careful” areas lol

        I do not even attempt dry shaving… I just like it wet. They have actually gotten better with the razors nowadays lol … before I used to hack myself also lol

        My brother uses some fancy old fashioned shaving things 🤨😄… it looks prehistoric torture to me, but whatever, he likes it … it’s through some shave club… there are many shave clubs you can pick from and some with custom tailor a shaving kit for your specific needs

        Gillette’s website has info and options? Maybe that help?

        Otherwise … cortisone cream is good to have if you have really bad inflamed areas… and to soften after, you could go natural with coconut oil ??

        I also like body butter ❤️ but that might just be a girl thing? But body butter is awesome!!

        My skin will be dry sometimes – I live in California and is dry here… if I don’t take care of my skin – shaving would be all bad… and if I forget to… I look all dry!! And I can feel it.

        If I use any other razor, other than Gillette – I get red bumps … or also ingrown hairs 🤨 … Gillette kinda seems to prevent that for me?

        But again I only like wet. I do not like it dry! Lol

        Good luck with your shaving ✌️

        1. Thanks 🙂

          I also like wet shaving, it feels closer as a shave … l got a shaver for Christmas, and it is a constant battle with me – it never gets all the parts of the face like a wet shave does.

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