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Season 2 – Summer 2020
Series 2 – “Awakening to Changes”
Sunday 05th July 2020 – Walk Time 45 Mins
Non Stop Zombie Days!!!”

This morning [above image] – around 7.45am – on the beach front – the weather looked well … not very inviting shall we say! Grey, and damp combined with that drizzle rain that doesn’t even know if it is even wet!

You know … chances are if you start to walk, talk and move and sleep like a zombie – as they say on The Walking Dead – you are probably a zombie! Both Suze and l feel like we are slowly turning into zombies and our zombification modes are constantly in the ON cycle! But hey it is what it is until it isn’t and we can relax – the secret is to try to not give in to the tiredness!

…… and I am seriously starting to get very tired, and of all the moves we have worked on as a couple in the years we have been together, as there were quite a few before we settled here in 2016 – l have to say this has been the most knackering! It’s tiring because of a lot of factors but mostly because of the garden – you know it’s a big garden but you get to really understand the size of its layout when you are breaking it down.

This is the first proper walk l have managed to take since the last Musing on the 24th June just under two weeks ago and the first walk Suze and l have taken together for well over five weeks. For two weeks l have been working in the garden solidly and l haven’t even worn my FitBit – l just couldn’t be bothered and was fearful that it might snag on something and get broken!

Currently as l type the day outside [11.40am] is breezy, slightly cloudy and sunny, but the warmth of the actual humidity is very high. Admittedly the day started to sun up whilst Suze and l were on our beach walk and it made for some cracking shots which l have displayed here.

There is just something wonderfully mesmerising about not just water or the sand, but the sea and the beach when the sun is glistening on the incoming tide and the gentle splashing of the waves on both the sands and the pebbles combined – whilst it doesn’t magically wave a magic wand over all of your aches and pains, it does calm your mind somewhat.

It wasn’t a long walk, neither of us have the energy or the time for a long long walk, there is plenty of time for those soon enough – it was just a walk to remind ourselves we are alive and that we are getting there albeit slowly.

It doesn’t help when Murphy keeps sticking the oar in of course. That was performed yesterday with some glee when our removal agents suddenly declared they couldn’t move us on the promised day [they set] and they wanted to shift it ten days later from the 17th to the 27th!! No, that just will not do – we need the house to be empty by the 21st so we can crack on with the last requirements of the house.

I really wanted to lose my rag with them and rage .. but after l typed out my email l suddenly thought ‘Fuck it!’, deleted that email and just sent them ‘Fine it is what it is!’ I am too polite, l am getting very tired of companies moaning about things in recent weeks like the lockdown and loss of business and blah blah, but they are the first to use the shitstorm to their advantage.

Life is too short to write long FU messages even if you are in the right – but l have found since the lockdown l have very little time for those who waste my own and l now run on a much shorter fuse than normal and have no tolerance for even more fuckwittery from people! I am in correspndence with a smaller family run firm, maybe they will appreciate the business more.

On the good side however, Suze’s brother and his son came along this morning and collected a load of stuff – potato plants, bags of soil, the broken down large raised beds and the shelving units so they have now gone which is excellent news and something else cleared from the garden.

Yesterday Sam took the Garden chest we had outback – we wouldn’t be able to have it properly at either of our new rentals because of the space it requires and so it was easier just to let Sam have it and Suze will get a more streamlined and slimmer unit for her garden.

Today l have to work directly with the compost bins and sort out the worm farm ready for transport this week once l have the new units set up. It’s going to be really busy between now and the time the house becomes totally empty l feel – seriously busy, serious tiring and l think even more so seriously zombifying!

Oh well – when it’s done – it’s done, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading – catch you later

14 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. There will always be glitches when one is on a big project. I hope the new company is better and gets things done on time. The shots of the sea and beach are great.

  2. I’m glad you MADE time to go to the ocean. I’ve always found it helps SO much. It washes away the yuckies and energizes at the same time.

    Please MAKE time to visit your tree soon too. Things will get done, you know they will. You’ve got to take care of yourself along the way or you’ll have a complete collapse when you finally stop running.


      1. I imagine the disorganization is doing a number on your plans. Your Aspie brain must be spinning. Not to mention your poor body wasn’t feeling great to begin with.
        It WILL get done. The world won’t end if it takes a few extra days.
        I know you want the whole ordeal in your rear view, but dont hurt yourself more trying to be a “bull” and force your way through… ya know?
        I’ll stop with the unsolicited advice now😉 Hugs!

        1. I am more concerned with Suze’s health, she is starting to lag and flag early afternoon, l have to keep reminding her to take it easy otherwise she’ll make herself ill. Yeah, the bulls arrogance for just getting the job done is present – brute bull strength and taking no nonsense is also present. But there is just so much to do and it’s all mostly gardening, breaking this home one down, setting my new one up to ‘just’ take stuff on board, looking at Suze’s. I have already lost so much l am not prepared to keep losing things ‘garden wise’ but if l don’t get some brutish bull behaviour inbound we will fall behind.

          I will write about it all soon, but currently don’t have the energy to do so …. from key collection tomorrow, my next two/3 weeks will be a very different schedule.

          1. That’s right. Tomorrow is the big day and a huge check mark!! Once those keys are in hand you’ll have a huge weight lifted. It’s not really real til you can come & go as you please.

          2. VEry true and also the small family run firm have been booked, thankful for the business and came out as cheaper than the big boys 🙂

  3. The garden is coming down nicely. I’m sorry about the movers. The ocean is beautiful, very reflective of all you’re own experiences these days, heavy skies and tides that come and go. They keep on, that’s what they do. Take care 😊

  4. The sea has always that magic effect: calming your mind 😊
    And I’m glad is working otherwise with all these glitches 🤪 Hang on in there Rory! You’re just days away! 😊

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