Gifting the Compliment

Gifting the Compliment

Season 2

NB” With Season 2 Gifting the Compliment l will endeavour to display two published posts per blog per episode to display the writer’s range of topic variation and styled imagination and creativity to my readers.

Gifting the Compliment Directory

This is a compliment from my blog to both you and your blog … it’s not an award, there is no need for the receiver of the Gift to do anything further … it is purely a gift to you for the blog that you manage and run. It is an acknowledgement of your writing style and genre, what you do for the community and for your audience and readerships respectively.

From my side of life as a reader to your content it is an appreciation of what you do, what you create, write and publish. It’s a salute to you, your imagination, enthusiasm and inspiration ……….. a compliment is just that … a compliment.

A published post of yours caught my attention whilst l was reading and l wanted to let you know. I liked the message or the content or both, l loved the style you presented it in or the genre it represents, the fact that it is stylish, topical, opinionated or controversial – just something about it l loved. Single posts, features, daily posts, series and special creations is what the gifted compliment is all about or simply put

 “I really liked what you did here and l really like what you do and l think others will too!”

There is no ‘ceremony or pomp’ attached to these Compliments – there is no call to action to respond – there is no additional tagging, no questions to answer – it is a thankyou for the ‘thang’ that you do and the way that you do it!

However, what is the point to being complimented if you don’t even know that? So, in addition to this published post, l will leave an additional comment on your most recently published post 48 hours after publishing just to say  ‘You have been Complimented’ with a link to this published post in case the notification has landed in your spam or you haven’t seen it.

Rory Matier

Gifting the Compliment Directory

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10 Happy Points to you all!!

See Happy Points Counter Directory

Gifting the Compliment Directory

Thanks for reading – catch you next time!

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  1. Thank you Rory and 10 points backatcha for all the time and effort you put in to you posts. You are an amazing blogger and a great friend to this blogging community.

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