Dear Blog – 13.25 – 02/07/20

Day 2 of Moving Madness!

I don’t rate Pexels that much for their selection of photograph choices, l used to use Pixabay a lot, but something has happened there and the end result is l can no longer upload Pixabay images to WP which is somewhat annoying so for random images l either now use Pexels or ImgFlip when it’s not one of my own. But l don’t rate the Pexels choices – many are all very personal and people orientated and l tend to not use people in my pictures because l don’t know them and l don’t want them in my images.

Day 1 was yesterday as in collecting Suze’s keys for her new rental – it’s a small property but she says she is happy with it – it is clinical and pristine and new but conventional – l don’t like conventional anything – but it’s not my property and as long as it suits her needs then that is all that matters.

Suze’s garden is a nightmare and it will be a real challenge to get it into a good condition, the previous renters were not green fingered or even that worried about the garden as there is a bit of damage. Her lawn is shot to shit it’s that simple and covered in sparse grass and wooly moss. BUT that allows us an open canvas to play with which is great news. I reckon by spring 2021 we will have this sorted out properly.

After we collected Suze’s keys we popped over to Sandwich first to my property to take some measurements just to make sure things would fit – however some twit left the tape in the car [me] and so all well laid plans were assunder so l measured by feet [my two] and all was well. The car was parked away from the house in the centre of town. I don’t have a parking space outside the house [which reminds me l must check on car permits]

My property is bigger and quirkier and it has a lot of shelves in odd places which l tend to like. I have shelves and cupboard shelves in the loungeroom which will be my main office area, quirky cupboards by the front door and shelves at the top of the stairs so l am not short of ‘shelf space’, but equally l have hidden recesses under the stairs and in secret alcoves scattered throughout the house – but more on that next time.

It’s really a typical period home and by that for those not with the terminology it is a mid terraced house that was probably built in between the First and Second World Wars. So it is not really that surprising about the properties quirkiness. I was in my teenager years very much into historical architecture and Sandwich will fuel and rekindle that old hobby.

Sandwich is classed as one of The Most Complete Medieval Towns in England’ It’s an old market town on the East Coast of Kent and basically steeped in history, and again l shall discuss this in the future through the various series.

The garden is nicer, but also needs a lot of work – but l couldn’t spend a lot of time there yesterday which did annoy me slightly – no one’s fault per se, l wasn’t being pushed for time directly, but an agent from the rental letters office was there for my time and l didn’t wish to hold her up. So l couldn’t take many photographs, but we achieved what we were there for anyway = l will now just await key collection on the 6th.

After Sandwich we headed back to Suze’s property to attend to her inventory sign in, take measurements and photographs. Suze’s property will very much become a focus on using every inch correctly unlike mine which has inches to play with freely.

So Day 1, was quite easy … l came back and emptied off the carrot box and attended to some of the smaller gardening tasks at hand needing doing. Day 2 as in today …………. well that’s a different ball game really! Welcome to stress!!

It’s been all go since l got up this morning at half six. I was planning on taking a walk, as l desperately would like one of those just to clear my head a bit, but that’ll have to wait. The weather today is also very unpredictable one minute sun, the next heavy showers!

But l have managed to get the end of tenancy garden sweep booked for the 20th – which is cutting the lawns, the bordering hedges and all the bushes and basically sprucing the place up and disposing of the garden debris for £350 so that’s good – but another unrefundable expense.

I have booked the removal vans, although l have them here tomorrow for a looksee at what needs to be done. I will be moved from here ‘officially’ on the 17th and Suze most likely on the 20th. So from the 21st – 31st the house then needs to be deep cleaned, carpets cleaned, garden spruced, decorator in. I have managed to book a deep eco clean for both my oven and Suze’s oven at our new places.

I have a shopping list l need to attend to as long as my arm because of the singular/plural thing l wrote about a couple of days ago. Suze is currently in and out of her new place today prepping it for the first of the box moves and l am attending to the garden when l can given that it keeps raining.

But it has started … if l am lucky l might be able to fit in a couple of walks before l leave, failing that l just have the garden to exercise in with digging and bagging and humping and of course ‘grunting!’ I am a good grunter!

I am so looking forward to being out of this property now and not working with a paper cluttered desk and a calendar stuck to my forehead … deep breaths Matier, deep breasts!!

I’ll keep you ha ha excuse the pun but abreast of my movements but for now thanks for reading, catch you later!

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  1. To insert Pixabay images, rather than use the Pixabay page url, get the image address by right clicking on the image, and that should work.

    1. Oooh marvelous Ashley, l will try that – Pexels annoy me because many of the images come from Pixabay anyway, but the Pexels selection really sucks – so thank for this 🙂

        1. What l had to do was right click image, copy image, paste in editing block in paragraph, highlight image in editing, press hyperlink and paste the link into that slot so the link is hidden behind the image – that’s brilliant – many thanks Ashley 🙂

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