Dear Blog – 21.25 – 30/06/20

Quirky does what quirky is!!!

The problem with the new lockdown appointments to view potential rentals is everything is so much slower because of lower staffing in buildings or in rental letting agencies. Apparently …. Suze viewed her property end May and only tomorrow will she be able to collect her keys. I viewed my on the 6th of this month and l have to await the arrival of the 6th July before l can collect my own keys.

I received my inventory for my new house today and Suze received hers two weeks ago with instructions to sign as soon as possible which is a little befuddling considering you need to be viewing the inventory actively before you can sign as seen! The inventory clerks for Suze’s property knew this anyway??

The other problem with the newer lockdown rental viewings is you are only allowed 15 minutes view time which is tougher on Suze who saw her Deal house end of May and her memory of actual measurements is slimmer now than it was then. I viewed my property on the 6th June and at 15 minutes l realised l hardly clocked any of the house or rather l only really saw 75% of the house. Suze saw more but she is more practical than l am, l am more creatively viewing than reality living viewing which is why she was with me.

But whilst Suze probably saw more of the house and by this l mean 85% to my 75%, we both didn’t see all the hidden aspects of the property the remaining 15-25%, making for 100%.

There is more quirky than the quirky l saw and the quirky that Suze saw – the house is a classic case of quirky does what quirky is! It’s that qwerky!

Tomorrow l will be visiting my house for an earlier than allowed measurements only visit and we will be doing the same for Suze’s property too. Although she can tackle her inventory first, mine has to wait till l go in next Monday despite receiving it today.

But with the inventory document l have at my disposal – a few things scream at me = 1] QWERKY!! 2] Large!! 3] Spacious 4] Period Home 5] Bigger garden that first believed.

These are the inventory garden shots – however l’ll talk more tomorrow at some point, so till then … catch you later and thanks for reading.

23 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 21.25 – 30/06/20

    1. I think so too 🙂

      But all that aside , l will be glad, in fact we both will be, when we are actually inside our own places and we have closed the doors to this current one – l am surviving on nervous energy and adrenalaine and now starting to ‘not’ lose sleep but not staying asleep for that long. I will be thrilled when the packing, deconstructing and moving is over and really that is now about to step up a few gears.

      1. I was just thinking that it’s gonna get really crazy now. Both of you be careful with the movers you hire. Masks & gloves and all that. I know you know, but I HAD to say it, ya know?💌

        1. Very true – most of it we will be moving ourselves because of that very thing. Suze’s son and his wife will help with the plants and the soil moving, then Suze and l will hire a removal van for the bigger pieces only.

  1. This is very different than in the US. It is kind of hard to understand all the terminology. Some of the terms you use mean on thing to me, but as I read what you are explaining it seems they mean something a different.

    Oh well, with further reading I’m sure to .better understand.

    Good luck to you with all the restrictions and such.

      1. Oh yes – moving – the mental and the physical lol … definitely exhausting!!

        One more week – then you can sort of rest lol … I was gonna just say rest… but then you have to un pack and get settled and everything gonna be new

        Have you grown up around the areas you live in?

        1. Yes and no but mostly No. When younger father was in the services so we moved a lot when older l led quite Nomadic existence as well. As we are always growing and ageing most of my more settled times are only a few years. The longest time was the family home from 1977 – 1985 or 14 years of age to 22. Priot to that l was in either Australia or Malaysia, after that everywhere in the UK.

          Here was a long stint 2016 – now.

          1. I moved a lot growing up too… not military though… my dad was a big wig for a big company and every time they opened a plant we had to move there.

            I like stability though, and I like a constant. I like security.

            I dunno? I don’t mind moving – doesn’t bother me one way or the other… but I do like to settle down.

            Oh wow!! I have only really been all over the United States – not truly to other countries. That must have been soooo cool!!!

          2. In a way, but the problem is when you are young you want a bit more stability but the other thing is you don’t appreciate it.

            Now in Malaysia, l did appreciate it and l appreciated living in Australia those two as a bulk – but when you are moving almost monthly, it’s no fun.

          3. Oh wow! I did not move monthly… every year or 2 for me.

            I appreciate it, I am just not used to having roots in one area – I have that though. I made roots for my kids so they would have the stability.

            It’s hard sometimes cause ya know when you move like that – even though you make friends – you tend to be a loner and do your own thing.

          4. Yes and that’s it exactly moving around means you can’t set foundations properly you make friends, you break friends. It does make you a loner and then if you throw into the mix Asperger’s on top [albeit at that age hidden rather as in undiagnosed, l was naturally a loner], l could make friends but at times it was harder keeping them because l was at times considered odd and we moved a lot.

          5. Well it took me the other way… because I had to be quick to make friends – and I wanted friends …

            So I don’t fear public speaking or anything like that… I have no fear of a room full of people.

            But I fear a little letting people get close.

            I guard my own self and privacy… but I can be social.

            Currently I like to fly under the radar and not really be noticed – but I really suck at that!!!!

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