Are You Practically Useless or Useful?

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Are You Practically Useless or Useful?

Golly Gosh and Gasp!! What on earth are you asking … implying with a question like that??

Well you see, me … l am not the most practical person going … a few bulbs short of the box or sandwiches short of the hamper, not the brightest spark in the firecracker box … are you with me now?

I am an intelligent guy … academically BUT there are limitations to my practicality!

I am legion at being accidental, misadventurous, flipsy and flopsy and clumsy to boot. If there is an accident waiting to happen l can guarantee you l will find it, it’ll be earmarked for me if l am in the vicinity! I am dangerous with tools – it’s NOT that l am really bad ……………. well … intelligent practicalities l am doomed for on account of a lack of patience with small and fiddly things … BUT l excel at dumb brute strength tasks!

If l have things that need to be assembled …. well someone else does them … like Suze currently! When l was at technical college in my tender teenager years, l was the ONLY person in all of my class to make a 65 squared chessboard!!

Want something broken, dug or anything grunted at … l am your guy!!

So …. how practical are you? Useful or useless?

30 thoughts on “Are You Practically Useless or Useful?

  1. Pragmatic and practical – often being practical involves some very creative thinking and inventiveness. I’m also frugal (despite just buying a new digital toy for a ton of money) which means repurposing instead of buying is another skill I have. While my husband was the one who put stuff together that only requires linear thinking, which is the only kind he had, useful practicality requires thinking outside the box (and then reusing the box or at least putting it in the recycle bin.)

  2. Though I am clumsy and have had many “accidental breakages” I am surprisingly good at assembling things, fixing things and finding new ways to make them work!

      1. Thanks! I am the only girl among my siblings and I knew a lot of things about fixing and none of my brother knew any.

  3. Haha, everyone is useful. Love this post. And I’m practically a mix of all confusion in the cosmos including both usefulness and uselessness.

  4. I injure myself in new and creative ways almost daily. Buuut… I am a master with a roll of tape! I have lived in some broken down places and also have been seriously financially challenged at times. I can most definitely fix things, jury rig things, assemble things. I’m a very handy person to have around. Just ask Ben.😉

  5. I can feel you here…

    I am also a little uncoordinated… I always hurt myself doing something.

    Umm… I am strong – but I am really really really womany… or girly. Very much!!!

    I can’t do much with my right side…

    And I’m just currently quiet. Handling my stuff

    I know what my use is. I do that.

    I would say I am useful, but that there are things I don’t know yet or can’t do for myself so in those areas I might be pretty useless ✌️

    1. No, ha ha as someone earlier said in comments we are ALL useful, but in practicality terms some of us are more useless than others.

      Suze is very practical, l am too clumsy – if l stop, think and then act l can achieve much, but usually l just want to get on. I learned long ago there are times when you can’t do everything so get someone who can do the things you can’t. So l tend to live by that code to avoid loads of stress.

      But the destructive side to my personality loves the real grunt work’. My creative side takes care of the practical stuff elsewhere.

      We all have talents and like Suze is practical we balance each other because my skill set helps her out in other places and her practicalness helps me out 🙂

      1. Well yes of course, everyone is useful somehow. ✌️❤️

        I am also clumsy … but I am big into order… I like my stuff kept neat and organized… yes also sometimes categorized… I am very practical, just also clumsy. Lol … I am a mix of dorky-ness and nerd lol ✌️

        Ohhh your code you live by would give me complete terror – at least it does when I imagine it 😮 whoa! That makes me feel a surge of terror totally!! 😳😮

        Nope!!! I wanna do everything myself!! I don’t trust anyone… nope …

        If I get really stuck, I have people who help me.

        I still have to learn everything I don’t want anyone doing lol ✌️

        So wait then… if she balances you… what are you doing again?

        1. Wasn’t my idea to seperate it was Suze’s. We will still be friends. Long story. I didn’t have the energy to go through another phase, so better to break away as friends now 🙂

  6. I have tons of common sense, so I am useful when things need to be done. I am a rule follower so if there are directions, I like to follow the. That being said, IKEA and I are not friends. The tons of tiny pieces and graphics only for directions , stumps me often. I am not afraid of a task, when I sometimes should be.

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