Dear Blog – 13.15 – 29/06/20

29th June 2020 10.33am – 10.58am

This is the first time our garden has ever had a squirrel visit and l was so excited l really was – because this little beauty is an Eastern Grey which they class here in the UK as an invasive species and a pest and seek to eradicate it – which saddens me enormously – because it ‘interferes’ with other lives … wildlives.

The political irony and suggestiveness of that is not lost on me and yet l believe it sums up all of our world today – however for the sake of this cutie – it smatters not. They had fun with their friends which were magpies, blackbirds, wrens, pigeons and wood pigeons and robins and others alike – in fact whilst this squirrel was on the ground everyone with the ‘Grey’ was happy and peaceful and all getting along with their ‘wildlife smatterings’ because that’s important too.

However, when it’s time to go – it’s time to go!

I watched the Grey for 25 minutes whilst it fed beneath the feeders – l have a real soft spot for squirrels, l used to keep and breed squirrels in the early days of the millenium and they are such a beautifully intelligent and cheeky rodent species. I had at the peak perhaps twenty different squirrel breeding programmes which l shall write about one day – but they really are an inquisitive species and a lot of fun.

It was fun watching the Grey in the garden this morning, but it reminded me that l must buy myself a new additional lens for the camera so my zoom in work can truly be zoom in work instead of zoom in and then edit in the suite to make some images more enhanced or clear.

The squirrel casually sauntered from one side of the garden to the other in the sunny spells the garden is experiencing this morning and as said whilst visiting a variety of bird species joined the squirrel happily.

Then something disturbed the Grey and they were gone in a matter of moments and a handful of leaps and bounds and hops and scurries till they got to the centre mound and disappeared from view.

………… but when it’s time to go, it is time to go! Bit like us and this house … it has sold now, and we need to be gone from August 1st. We have 33 days left here and the reality is we need to be moved out of here by the 25th/26th July and then that leaves a week of clearing up and getting the decorator in and tidying up the last of the garden.

So from including today that gives us … just over three weeks.

Yesterday [Sunday 28th] , Suze and l worked on the garden shed – this time clearing out the many plastic boxes we had in there that required sorting out, sifting through and either continuing to store or discarding for rubbish, charity or sales/give away. Another busy day, but this upcoming month of July is going to be a real slogger or is it slugger?

Despite going to bed very early, most nights before midnight and sleeping like a log, this last few days l have been awake before 5am and up just after – that nervous adrenaline is now kicking in – with the apprehension that so much is going to happen in July that needs not just planning but meticulous strategic planning! Everything has to move at a pace and the pace has to be continuous.

Priorities need to be recognised, identified, processed and actioned and the shed was/is an integral pivot point between the garden and the house and so had to be tackled. It’s a big job, the garden breakdown and the packing up of the house are huge jobs and made bigger by the fact that we are not moving away as a couple but as two singletons.

You start to realise how much of your life became plural rather than merely singular – you give up the singleness when you join together and l KNOW that’s obvious – but many forget that your pluralness means that much of the singularity of life as was you before was probably discarded or sold off! Meaning, one of you has to start buying your singleness back for parts of the house – you can still share somethings but not everything!

So l was buying a few things for the house – as l have said to my friends – my new home is going to be quite different and l shall write about it in the series The Blokes New Digs which was started a couple of weeks ago with this post Living Within Your Senses!

I have decided to decorate my home like my mind in a form behavioural expressionisms which are like dedicated themes and as well as incorporate my life and eclectism into the house. But the series will explore that equally as much as the series The Dug Out’s Secret Garden will explore and journey the wildlife side to my mind. Conventionality and l no longer have anything in common and if we do, it’s quite small!

Yesterday it looked like a bomb had gone off in the house – it’s driving Suze and her OCD nuts – l understand how she feels, but this is the process we must now follow, work and adhere to. It’s difficult for Suze also because she is still working full time albeit from home and so her work space needs to be a little more freer, whilst l in my small room don’t mind working in cubicle format for the time being. My new office’ll not be small, but more open plan living styled.

But slowly it’s all coming together – mess gets cleared away, fresh space is made and a new day rolls in! Today l must start in the garden again, l have some digging up to do, dismantling and shredding for mulch. If l can get this done before the rains then l can hopefully get some catch up blog reading done as well!!

So on that note…

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

20 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.15 – 29/06/20

    1. Very much so, l loved the fact that he visited and the garden was all alive with birds and this squirrel l souldn’t get close enough to show the beauty of that wildlife community 🙂

  1. All the best my friend. This is a scene I have seen so many times because of my husband’s job we have changed stations and homes over the years.

  2. It’s probably a good thing you weren’t able to get too close. Your eye is healing, you dont need a squirrel nibbling on your nose… or your ear…again😂😂

    What a fun, magical interlude though! Thank you for sharing it!🐿🐦🐾💌

  3. Grey is so so cute! I love the squirrels too! So small creatures but so funny and playful! 🐿
    The house was sold already? Lucky lady that everything went so quick! Not so good for you with all this stress but you can make it Rory! You’re almost there! 😉

    1. Hey Ribana, it seems the grey is now a regular visitor he was here this morning although it might be a she. Either way ‘they’ visited 🙂

      Like a sculpture is this house currently – bit by bit it will be done 🙂

  4. A camera role on the next David Attenborough series awaits you sir. I so know what you mean about plurality. I’m still looking at stuff and thinking what the hell do I do with that and what happened to my…..

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