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Series 1 – Episode 11

Photo by Roman Koval on Pexels.com
“You Got Mail!” Has a totally different meaning in Susami Bay, in Japan – the world’s deepest submerged postbox is found here!! It’s at a depth of 10 metres and lures divers from all around the world to visit!
How do you feel about maggots or insect larvae and your food, together in one sitting? Is that something you could be cool with? Probably not, l mean there are limits to adventure – right?

Have you ever heard of the Sardinian and banned cheese called Casu marzu  – it’s a traditional food – it’s also rotten cheese! The maggots that live within are known to jump out of the dish at you!! Oh yummy yummy nothing beats wigglies in the tummy!!
First man to pee on the moon was Buzz Aldrin!
In July 1518, so just over 500 years ago now – the residents of Strasbourg at that time part of the Holy Empire – for some bizarre reason decided to start dancing! A strange form of hysteria kicked off and this festiveness lasted for a whole month – where people vibrated and gyrated around the streets of the city. Several of the residents actually danced themselves to death!
Can you guess the size of the largest ever snowflakes to fall?
YES, in 1887 [that year had so much fun!] at Fort Keogh in Montana a storm was brewing up and it held dinner plated sized snowflakes!!

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  1. Gotta have a big tongue to catch a snowflake THAT size🤔

    No maggots in my cheese TYVM!🤮

    I guess the town Boogie Oggie Oogie’d til they just couldn’t boogie no more, eh?

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