The Teddy Bear Stories – Bruno Bear”‘

Meet “Bruno Bear aka Big Red Nose Bruno Bear!”

Bruno looks a lot like another bear we all know ….

Lisa didn’t set the design on Bruno, but l have always thought of the design when l look at Bruno.

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The Teddy Bear Stories – Bruno Bear aka Big Red Nose Bruno Bear!

The Teddy Bear Stories

When not living in a box with the Bear Clan, Bruno Bear lived on the top shelf with the main crew and when we move he will again take up a shelved position in the office – probably in one of these alcove bays you can see below. I need my bears with me for their magical energy and despite the fact that there are [as you shall soon see] some quirky shelving set ups in the house – the office is the best location for them.

Bruno has been with the Bear Clan since 2005 – l don’t know much about his previous ownership, so l had to literally had to birth age him from 2005, therefore making him 15 this year.

He is one of only a handful that went to the dry cleaners to receive a full clean [well several in fact] – l don’t normally do it with all my bears as l can sponge them clean – but Bruno had an awful smell of rank fish on him when l found him and he was bedraggled and soaked through on account to the fact that l found him in a black rubbish sack in a drain where l used to live in Baston, Lincolnshire.

Some of the main dykes in Lincolnshire could be very deep indeed, and the ones out the back of Baston were farm dykes. Baston was right on the edge of the fens.

It was a very strange affair. It was an extremely hot summer in Baston in 2005 and l had taken Dora out for a countryside walk with my then wife and Dora’s brother Wolfie, Frascal, Misfit, Lucy and Paddy [which were our dog pack at home at that time] I had in addition to those six, Scrappy and Misty down with my animals in Crowland in the enclosed farm.

Dora dog was a large breed dog – gun headed labrador crossed with a wolfhound and she had a real thing for water and so whilst we were walking beside one of the fields dykes, she simply decided to hop in to cool off! Greeeeat!! Except Dora wasn’t the world’s greatest K9 swimmer and pretty soon it was obvious she was in a spot of trouble on account of this particular dyke being connected to a water pump station and the water was being dragged towards a drainage pool. If she got caught up in the pull of the pool she would be dragged underwater and drown!

So l did what all dog owners would do … l jumped into the dyke! But also was soon overwhelmed by the strength of the pull but fought against it, grabbed Dora by her collar and started swimming her back away from the concreted bank sides towards the grassy sides and once there pushed her up to my worried and waiting wife!

However as l went to pull myself up, l came to realise that in addition to being dragged towards the drain, my left foot was snagged on something under the murky dirty waters. Something flimsy but cumbersome and heavy!

So when l reached down, l found that my foot was tangled up in a rope of some kind – it wasn’t – it was the handles to the rubbish bag – but in order to untangle everything l had to tear the bag off my foot which is hard when you are treading water and trying to hold onto the slippy side of a grass bank at the same time being dragged towards a water station’s pump drain!

In the end the only thing left to do as l was still snagged was utilise a hidden talent l have – brute strength and ignorance and adrenalin rush and grabbed whatever it was on my foot – swam over to where the concrete sides started to begin on the other side of the dyke and with all my strength slammed my feet against the side and shot myself out of the water still holding my left foot and the bag to the grass bank where my wife managed to grab me enough for me to get a grip and l pulled myself up.

When l had recovered, l could start to untie the bag which was snared around my ankle and that’s when l discovered this rather bedraggled brown furry lump which turned out to be a teddy bear! My wife was going to simply throw it back in and l stopped her and said “NO! You can’t do that, this bear’s been through enough!”

After that we all walked back to the house, l washed Dora off, l washed the bear off and then l had a shower and when l got back and was dried and relaxed – l could see that the bear had this big red nose shaped like a heart! I think they are actually called Heart Nosed bears. So you can see why he got his nickname right ‘Big Red Nose’, but why Bruno?

Well there was a bear once called Bruno The Bear who was an actor of sorts – a bear faced actor and l thought well , why not – let’s give our heart nosed bear who was a fighter of sorts a name of pride and that’s Bruno’s story!

The upshot was my wife insisted that if l was going to keep this bear then he had to be professionally cleaned and so he was three times at the grand cost of almost £100. Now it’s only on really hot days that if Bruno gets a little warm – he has a strange smell to him! Which is why l keep him cooled!

Well there we go another tale, this time about how Bruno Bear came into being in The Bear Clan – my thanks as always for reading.

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  1. He SO wanted to go home with you!! He knew you would save him and I LOVE his nose!! I’ve been telling you since Lisa made the bears how I love their noses.
    When the bear clan is unboxed, give Bruno an extra cuddle from me😍🧸🥰💌

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