Dear Blog – 13.15 – 26/06/20

This was me last week wearing my pirate eye patch to protect my left eye whilst gardening!

Ahar me hearties! Ahar!
Oh aye, eye and more of I!

My left eye is currently healing – l can at least as of today start to open and close the eye itself without extreme discomfort. I hate things happening to my eyes because l tend to be hypersensitive around there – l know most people are, but l am extremely so – it sometimes when younger took four people to hold me in place just to put eyedrops in and l had been known in my teens to lash out if people got too close to my eyeballs. Even today l can’t have eyedrops of any kind.

I don’t quite know what happened or how the injury actually occured – it wasn’t a snag from a branch, or a tear, or anything like that – it wasn’t down to some obstruction on the eyeball or just under the lid, there was no spot or infection or boil it was a clear eye before all of this … except l was suffering in both eyes a mild mold spore allergy and l did have a painful welt on that eyelid – it was painful to the touch.

I was bathing my eyes on a healthy regular basis, applying an aloe vera gel around them and generally everything was seemingly okay apart from pain in my eyes and my left eye specifically. One day last week l had a shower and suddenly everything went blurry [in my left eye] …. and suddenly l had a full on crater in my eyelid – it was that simple – bloodloss was minimal but present and from a small hardly visible welt on the lid l had a huge crater that now nearly ten days on l believe will now leave a noticeable scar!

Why do l look so odd in the second photo like a death mask? Because l have this double chin ha ha and one of the exercises to reduce it apparently is to place your tongue at the top of your mouth. That aside you can see the injury itself taken the after my shower incident.

Because of the very position of the hole it has made my life these last few days very uncomfortable and unpleasant and has put me into the position especially with the heat, the dust and the mold spores of having to trial out different approaches of eye protection such as the pirate patch which was a nightmare to the face shield of yesterday which was better than the eye patch but sweated your soul away to hell!

However as said, today is the first day that l have been able to open my left eye properly and not had blurred vision because of the damage to the eyelid. Although l still can’t open my left eye wide. But at least l can read properly again as the blurred vision was disabling that function quite significantly.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this where upon an invisible uninfected welt has suddenly exploded with no prompting and left you with not just a hole but a potential scar? Was this perhaps an extreme allergic reaction to something? Was it, is it a stress related condition?

Let me know below, thanks.

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

22 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.15 – 26/06/20

  1. I’ve never heard of something lot this happening. But I’m so glad that it’s healing well. Take care my friend

  2. I’ve never had that particular injury, but in about 2016 one night my eye felt like there was a hair in it, I rubbed it (gently) and the pain got worse and worse. Finally I drove myself (dangerous but I was going mad) to Salt Lake City and the ophthalmology center that I use for my own eye care (I have really poor eyesight). By that time the eye had swollen shut. The doctors there did an exam on an emergency basis and found I’d somehow scratched my eye, causing a divot (loss of a piece) of my cornea on that side. I had to wear a patch (like yours) for two weeks. They still see the hole in my eye whenever I get an exam. Those things are frightening as hell (in my opinion). I’m glad you got yours attended to and that it wasn’t worse. Take care and DO NOT RUB YOUR EYE 😆 (yeah, try doing that. We subconsciously rub our eyes all the time!)

  3. The only thing I can think is that it wasn’t a welt, but some sort of infection pocket the burst. The eyelid skin is very, very thin.

    Love the Pirate look, where was the rum??

    You’re worried about a 2nd chin, I’m seeing a turkey neck on myself… getting older sucks!😂😂 I guess it’s good that our eyesight gets worse too… if we could see better we’d notice more changes😱🤣🤣💌

    1. …… we can’t see, bend, run, hardly walk, can’t sit down on the grass and our knees creak, our bodies are older than our minds … BUT we are wiser …………….. really??

  4. Several years ago my daughter had a hole like that develop under her arm. She want to the clinic and was given and antibiotic ointment to apply but they never told her what caused it. It did heal but she does have a scar from it. Glad you are on the mend. 🙂

    1. These mysterious holes in our life that no one knows anything about are like the black holes in the universe l feel Ruth – we know so much about the human body and yet?

  5. There are many dangers in the garden environment. A similar situation for me was defined as blepharitis (which I doubted then, and doubt now). I think in most cases that if they don’t know, they guess.
    My guess is that it was a scratch that got something in it, the scratch partially healed, and then infection set in, which the shower or some form of physical contact, caused to burst.
    If the redness doesn’t go away within a week, I’d suggest getting antibiotic cream or tablets. The eyes are too important to let even minor issues slide.

    Can I also suggest always wearing some form of eye protection (even just safety glasses) in the garden?

    1. Hey Cage, yes, this has been a real learning curve and eye protection will not be worn – l am hypersensitive to anything on my eyes, but l think the face shield is the best best 🙂

  6. I’m glad is better now…can be that you’ve touched some plants and then your eye…or maybe an insect or who knows…important is you’re better now and funny 😁

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