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Season 5 – 541 –

“There are many lovely words on this planet – Eclectic is such a lovely quirky word, the simpleness of ’round’ – another lovely word – you see l like words that roll off my tongue – here is another l have had the pleasure of receiving ‘Obnoxious’ that does indeed have a lovely bubbly sensation when you roll that around your mouth 

Today my favourite phrase is ‘I am obnoxious!’

For the unknowing that means ‘extremely unpleasant!’ .… and apparently l am ‘obnoxious!’

I find it comical that such a lovely sounding word that can roll so easily off the tongue can mean something so distasteful ….!”

Rory Matier 2017


“The pieces didn’t really coordinate and could be described in no other way than ‘eclectic’, but once labeled ‘eclectic’, valuable mismatches generally become fantastically stylish. Very similar to the way adding cash value to ‘crazy’ results in a whimsical ‘eccentric’; you have to buy more flattering adjectives.”

Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

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    1. Oh yes, l totally agree, in fact when l was referred to as obnoxious in this incident it was because l was asked for an opinion that wasn’t liked.

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