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Tuesday 23rd June 2020
New Season 12 – Series 8
Welcome to the New Season!

Today’s Morning Guest Star is Sadje of Keep it Alive who wishes absolutely everyone a totally awesome Twisty Twisty Tuesday! Sadje likes a good many artists however here she would like to share with you all this particular artist – so enjoy!!

So far this week we have the following Kick Starts planned in ….

Sadje of Keep it Alive
Tuesday 23Adele
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Wednesday 24 – Godsmack
Paula of Light Motifs II
Thursday 25 – Mixed
Kritika of Undressed Thoughts
Friday 26 – Beyonce
Lisa of The Road Back to Life
Saturday 27th Mixed
?? Is this you? If so let me know your five Kick Start to the Day songs below!
Sunday 28th
?? Is this you? If so let me know your five Kick Start to the Day songs below!
Monday 29th
Sadje of Keep it Alive Kick Start 5 Are ..
Have a totally fantastic Twisty Tuesday Sadje!

Have a totally brilliant day folks!!!!

Let me know your top five tracks that would set you up right for the day below in the comments.

21 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Adele’s voice is touching. I love her. Best songs. Good Morning Friend 🙂
    Happy Twisty Tuesday to Sadje and you 🙂

  2. Twisty Twisty Dancing and Smiling🎶💃🏼 I’m off to catch some💤and soar amongst the stars✨🌠🌙

    I’ll catch up with you after I see the doc for my monthly Pump Fill🤗🦄🌊🧸💌

    1. Hey Tanya, and happy Tuesday to you too – so tell me would you like the Kick Start this coming Sunday? If so let me know the artist you want five songs from or select five songs yourself 🙂

  3. Hey Rory, you picked all my favorite songs to share. Thanks a lot my friend.
    Have an awesome day !
    Good morning/ afternoon.

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