What Colours Your Life?

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What Colours Your Life?

I love colour, l love everything about colour and l try as much as possible to have as much colour in my life as l can. This means that l wear lots of colour even at home – obviously NOT so much now as in when in the garden, composting or deconstructing or gardening or packing the house up – l tend to be dressed in grubby grunge or grungy grubby on account of me usually ending up grubby!

But other times l like to wear different colours – when l am relaxed and in writing mode l wear different colours each day, l have different coloured t shirts, socks, sweatshirts, cardigan and the list goes on. I have different coloured sneakers – l just love colour.

I feel better also when surrounded by colour – l don’t have particular favourite colours per se although l do like bright reds, yellows and oranges and teals or sea greens, but then l also like pinks, purples and lavendars and mauves it all depends upon my mood.

In addition to colours like plains and solids l love crazily coloured patterns and try and have cushions and curtains and bed linens with colours and in the next six months or so as l move into my new digs or The Dugout you’ll see more colour with me than perhaps you have seen to date so far.

I feel that colour makes my life complete – the vibrancy of colour energises my very essence, the sensuality of colour relaxes me and the patterning of colour pacifies my soul and stimulates my creativity and imaginations.

But that is me and a small excursion into what colours my life – now tell me ‘what colours your life?

Let me know below – cheers Rory

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16 thoughts on “What Colours Your Life?

  1. I love pastels in my home. I find them soothing. For wearing, anything I like and compliments my personality.

  2. “Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose…” sorry, had to😉😂

    My “colors” are jewel tones… ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst… golden browns, earth tones… autumn colors, though I prefer Spring as a season.

    I wear a lot of dark colors around the house cuz they dont show stains. I’m in grubby comfys most of the time.

    Color in my home doesn’t really matter one way or the other. We had horrendous Orange and yellow shag carpet in the rental we had in my teens. I survived that😂😂
    I notice color more in nature than clothing or objects.🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Earthy colours of the senses it is then in the guise of jewels 🙂

      You did well to survive such a colourful and vibrant shagging …. oh no wait a moment that doesn’t read right??

  3. I love color too, but not all of it at once usually. I like to wear neutrals and then have one brightly colored piece. At home, I like beige, brown, and a bit of blue and green. Great question!

  4. I love colors, could go on for days about them. I’ve painted most of the walls in my house either sunshine yellow or sky blue for the sense of outdoors. I’ve even done a bit of garden muraling in one room. I wear all different colors but my favorite to wear are the red tones and maroons. I love the warmth of wood furniture maintained as the natural wood grain. And bookcases either natural wood or white so the colors of the book spines can pop. And so much more! 😊

    1. Ah painting walls that brings back a memory or two just prior to Suze and l first seeing each other she was a Magnolia girl and l was a wall has to have a different colour boy 🙂

      Great insight Tex, nicely done 🙂

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