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Series 1 – Episode 10

Tomatoes are not just fruits but one of the most popular fruits in the world to date!
The sunflower is NOT just one flower! Nope! The brown centre and the yellow petals are actually all individual flowers and can range from 1000 to 2000 growing per stalk!! How Coooooool is that?
To a Butterfly nothing beats a good bit of weed!! Truth be known, with the way many flowers are cultivated these days by growers – they tend to lose their natural fragrances and butterflies and many other scent responsive pollinators actually prefer the garden weeds more as they have not been tampered with to produce more colour vibrancy or become larger plants.
I love composting, it’s a real passion of mine …….. but you know, anyone can compost without a compost bin! Sure composting cuts down on rubbish BUT – some items from the kitchen can be applied directly to plants to encourage organic growth … like chopped up banana skins, coffee grounds, most vegetable peelings and even blended kitchen scrap pulp can be applied around the plant or buried just under the soil of a plant.
The biggest flower in the world is Rafflesia Arnoldii otherwise known as the Stinking Corpse Lily and is found in the forests of Indonesia. It stinks of decaying flesh and dead bodies!

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  1. Rory, if anyone doesn’t know you are the master composter, they haven’t read your blog. LOL I knew all the facts this time, but the butterfly one. They love the lavendar I have growing in my garden.

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