What’s Your Idea of Fun Then?

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What’s Your Idea of Fun Then?

Everyone has a different concept or theory on what is fun, l guess l am no different – l certainly know what is NOT fun, but sometimes struggle to actually understand what fun truly is? I mean – what is the actual meaning of fun in the first place? How does one or two or three actually have fun.

I was playing an online game [World of Warcraft] last night and it has a new mechanic and l was talking to others online and complaining about the new mechanic and how if anything it was some crudbucket designer’s idea of fun, but the reality is that it was purely a mechanic that manipulated players to think it was a challenge and therefore fun ………… at the end …….. which is basically carrot on the end of a stick for donkey tactics and working on the theory that once you have jumped the hurdles and cleared the obstacles you will have more fun. The mechanic is a highly unpleasant experience for casual players.

These days l am no longer a dedicated and long time committed player like l was as little as eight years ago – now l have more ‘life’ things going on in my life and so l grab my ‘fun’ in small pockets of available time. So if l log into a game for some relaxing downtime chillout ‘fun’ well guess what? I want that fun! Not be met with something that just makes for stress!

So l was explaining this to other gamers last night or l should correct that to reflect … l was explaining this to other long time committed players [those who can spend blocks of time in game longer than a couple of hours] and they hit back with ‘typically’ “It is fun mate, if this isn’t fun to you then ‘What’s your idea of fun then?”

My response was simply “Not this!” I logged out for the night and went to bed and then fell asleep trying to read blog posts which is normally a provider of some entertainment but not when you are knackered and your eyes are asleep before your brain is!

So, here’s to the question again … ‘What’s your idea of fun then?”

Trust me …. but this is more of a difficult question that you might at first think. I am always on the quest for fun so let’s see if we can compile a nice healthy list of Fun and Frolicks!”

Let me know below – cheers Rory

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17 thoughts on “What’s Your Idea of Fun Then?

  1. For me fun is anything I enjoy and is relaxing. Cooking can be fun, reading, writing watching movie with family or even eating!
    See I’m easily pleased.

  2. Fun is anything that makes you smile or laugh or brings with it a feeling of well being or the feeling of “ahhh…” or just makes you happy for no specific reason. Or maybe those ARE the things that make you happy and therefore fun=happy. Or happy=fun.

  3. Fun for me is making myself laugh or bringing a smile to other people. I like to be silly, that’s fun for me. Witty banter, written or verbal is fun, playing on the swings, splashing in a public fountain, rolling down a grassy hill… playing like a child, is fun. Concerts or live entertainment of any kind is fun. Walking or sitting in nature is fun, talking to my animal housemates and the birds that come around is fun. Singing and dancing (even though I’m horrible at both), alone or in public is fun. Long philosophical conversations are fun. LIFE is fun. Certainly not all the time, but there a moments of fun is most days.

    I guess I have very low expectations so they’re easily met🤷🏼‍♀️🧸💌

  4. Fun to me is playing board games with folks. During C-19 I have been unable to indulge that, and frankly no one much seems to enjoy playing board games any more. But it’s certainly MY idea of ‘fun’.

  5. Yes! Board games are generally fun. There are some I find tedious (and some people), but games are first up. Then puzzles. Comedy shows, if they don’t suck. Fairs and craft events. Doing crafts! I don’t put moments of pleasure in the fun category… like a joke or a candy or a hug. Those are moments. Fun to me means something that goes on for a while. Then again, I defined friendship and companionship opposite to everyone else too!

  6. My idea of fun? Hmmm…laughing until my eyes start to pee 😂🤣😂🤣 sometimes friends have this effect on me 😉
    Or some rides in an amusement park 😉

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