Dear Blog – 20.15 – 18/06/20

Busy Bee’in’ Busy Is Me!!

If l am honest – l really am not going to miss the full scale garden – be that vegetables or ornamental gardening. I am going to be more than content with a few herbs, some pretty roses, a couple of plants and bushes, an easier compost system and maybe a single raised bed but no more than that – l have done my tour of heavy duty gardening!

I say that because today l started work on emptying off the raised beds in the garden here. I have three large beds, 1 has garlic in, another has onions and the third had its crop harvested last week and was just waiting the soil removal. But l also have/had three smaller raised beds needing emptying.

It was heavy rains last night and yesterday l had covered the beds with a tarpaulin so as to ensure the beds didn’t become waterlogged in consideration to the content being bagged today. I managed to break down two beds, one large and one small in about 4 hours under – yes once more – quite high heats. My white body is slowly browning off!

The larger beds contain around 400kg soil with the smaller beds containing 180kg – l cleared two beds so just over half a ton of soil. Sam next door is going to be taking the content from the larger beds and so in addition to emptying off the bed, l then had to hike the bags over to his car port. 18 in total, l didn’t fill them all the way up, just half filled. I am crazy for sure, not insane though, you know? So no need to bust a nut giving free soil away!

Received good news this afternoon – Monday 6th July is when l pick up the keys for the property in Sandwich – so am well chuffed – it also has what l class as an antique conservation garden which is ideal for birds – you can see two photos below [ they are not mine, they were part of the advert] but it gives a good idea of the property. It is an enclosed courtyard garden – quite Enid Blytonish/Spiderwick Chronicles really.

Which has got to be better than this malarkey right …. ?

Suze said l wasn’t to overdo the soil shifting and of course she is 100% right – but the logistics alone of the soil removal in this garden are quite frightening – so as much soil as l can remove safely from empty containment now whilst it is dry is way better in the long run – BUT and it is a huge BUT – it’s bloody hard work.

Sam taking the three large raised beds soil is brilliant but l still have to shift it from the middle of the garden to his car port. The first raised bed was 18 bags, that means the remaining two beds is a total of 36-40 bags of soil!

I have two small raised beds left to empty hopefully tomorrow and they are 8 bags a piece – thankfully they are not having to be walked a round trip of 300 steps and can just be put onto the gravel. But it’s a lot of work. Okay, the compost units are now down – excellent! I had seven beds initially and now three are down – still have four left at a total of 52 bags and rather selfishly l want to get this job out of the way sooner rather than later as it is knackering work. Once l stop after five hours of digging l am practically dead and NO l don’t look forwards to it! Ha ha!

After these beds are done – l have to start work on all the containers – the small and manageable ceramic pots can be transported by a car and a trailer – but some of the fuller containers they have to be emptied off and in many cases that is more free soil to Sam!

Quite a bloody costly move all this in more ways than one sadly.

Buy hey ho, once it’s done – it’s done …. so yeah, l am eagerly awaiting being able to work in my ‘Quaint English Secret Garden’ l mean there is no comparison really is there?

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

29 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 20.15 – 18/06/20

  1. Too bad with the Kootie you cant just hire someone to move the soil. Its labor intensive but not rocket science. I don’t know about UK but here there are LOTS of people out of work. Day labor is what a lot of guys do…mostly landscaping & construction.

    Love your secret garden! Can’t wait to meet your new avian friends.🐦🕊🦉

    1. Sadly the UK is very very different regarding same day labour, it has to be booked in advance – sometimes by weeks, then it’s never on the day you want it. Give someone work for a day here? You’d have to find someone to begin with.

      I also love the secret garden 🙂

      1. Wow… we have guys standing outside Home Depot or garden centers. Usually they are NOT white guys… but the “entitlement” discussion is for another time.

        1. No, we don’t have that here … l think the biggest problem with the UK today is that the whole ‘work ethic’ has gone – there’s a lot of history to it – but in very broad and basic terminology – the typical English worker is not hyperfocused enough on working. [Many a sadly spoiled.]

  2. I would be like that too, getting it all out of the way at the cost of my own health. But do take it a bit slow!
    I am happy that you have sealed the deal and the pics look so inviting. The wooden bench is just perfect for sitting out.

    1. Hey Sadje, yeah l know. But we hand in our month’s notice at the end of this month and there is just so much work to do – the house side of things is pretty easy – [apart from the interior repair of one room ahem] but the garden is just one giant massive job and because it is mostly soil work, l really have to make the most of the dryer and hotter weather whilst l can. It just means it is seriously unhealthy so to speak.

      1. I totally get that. And the sooner you get it done, it’ll be a huge load off your mind. Just be careful of yourself too. You know the knees and the shoulder…..
        We are no spring chickens anymore!

  3. I don’t envy your work load. I have been feeling good this week and have been spending 3 hours a day working on my gardens. My body is yelling at me too much. Yours must be very angry with you.
    Your new garden looks lovely.

    1. Hey Lauren, good morning to you :0

      Thank you – and yes my body is screaming at me to stop buggering about and calm down … l am discovering muscles and aches and pains in areas l didn’t even know had muscles ha ha 🙂

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